The New Gender Paradigm

The Media

The media is designed so that it will determine the prevailing social values and attitudes. It educates the population. Social exclusion begins when healthcare professionals decide that transsexual women are Really Men and transmen are Really Women. But misogynous professional opinions would be trivial without the Media's eager assistance.

Reporters, writers and commentators have a responsibility to be accurate in what they say, especially when transsexual lives are at stake. The fact is, very few healthcare professionals really believe that transsexuality is a mental illness or a choice.

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These are some of the major issues faced by every transsexual....


Harassment is a primary tool used by society to coerce gender compliance. Ubiquitous transphobia grants criminals permission to make physical and sexual attacks on transsexuals with relative impunity.  Much of the violence is committed by law enforcement agencies.
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Access to adequate healthcare is a matter of survival for transsexuals. Unfortunately, modern society makes use of this vulnerability to coerce obedience to arbitrary gender conventions.  Access is blocked by:
 -- Establishing insurmountable procedural hurdles to hormone and surgical care -- Exclusion of transsexual care from health insurance coverage, leading to insurmountable financial barriers -- Medical record procedures designed to violate patient privacy -- Inadequate health care professional training Most of these obstructions are a direct result of policies established by organized psychiatry.  For further discussion, go HERE.


During the senior years, a transsexual's life unravels.  Everything that has been gained through so many years of struggle is lost. Transsexuals seek to survive in a hostile society.  It's only made possible through independent living --  that is, keeping control over what you wear, what you do and how you live.  At some point, every senior loses that precious independence.  Most of the time, becoming dependent on someone means that they make those personal decisions for you. Too often, seniors are forced back into living in the wrong gender:  you're dressed in clothes that make you uncomfortable, unwanted facial hair is allowed to grow, ineffective medications are used. ...That is, if you can find family or an assisted living facility that will take you in.   For further discussion, go HERE.

      -- Issues --   (Section Map)


     a.  Should I Transition?

     b.  Medical Treatment

          --  A model Treatment Guide

          --  Psychiatry

          --  WPATH

          --  WPATH Fraud

          --  Treatment Complications

           --  Ineffective Treatment

           --  Puberty Denial  

     c.  Insurance

          --  Healthcare Reform

          --  Insurance Basics


          -- Example:  Coy Mathis

     a.  Parenting

     b. Teachers

     c. Potty Laws

     d. Athletic Policies

     e. Bullying


     a. Religious Exclusion

     b. Transsexuality approved by the Bible

     c.  Catholic Transsexuals 

     d.  Mormon Transsexuals

           -- Mormon Transsexual Policies


     a. Media Guide

          -- Example:  Transgender Dolls

     b.  Involuntary Outing

          -- Example: Joanne Conte


     a. Senior Crossdressers


     a. Bullying

     b. Euthanasia

     c. Religious Hate


Bullying and harassment are only the tip of the iceberg.  Most public grade schools have policies against allowing transsexuals children to enroll.  Even when they';re permitted, they're exiled from the restrooms and locker rooms used by the other children.  They can't participate in athletic programs.  History class ignores the important contributions made by transsexuals.  Role models aren't hired as teachers or administrative staff. In order to protect these children, parents and advocates must demand equitable policies. 
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Spiritual awareness is an essential part of life -- it gives life meaning & purpose. It enhances relationships. It offers hope during adversity and while meeting challenges. It provides a moral compass.

Unfortunately, today's religious institutions exclude the transgender population. An entire mythology has been conjured to justify their rejection. For someone who's transgender, spiritual growth usually requires getting through that mythology to see the bright light beyond.
Transsexuals play a central role in the Old Testament. See HERE.

Mistranslation is the main reason for religious exclusion.  See HERE.  

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