J Michael Bailey, Author & Sex Researcher
Born in 1957, J Michael Bailey was Chairman of the Psychology Department at Northwestern University until 2004 -- which was just after his friend Paul McHugh arranged for the National Academy of Science to publish The Man Who Would Be Queen (MWWBQ).  The book is Bailey's account of the daring exploits of McHugh, Blanchard, and Zucker in their struggle to save the world from Transsexual Homosexual Deviants.  Most of the quotes above have been taken from that book.

Bailey describes transsexuals as follows:

Most homosexual transsexuals have also learned how to live on the streets.  At one time or another many of them have resorted to shoplifting or prostitution or both.  This reflects their willingness to forgo conventional routes, especially those that cost extra time or money”

“[A transsexual’s] ability to enjoy emotionally meaningless sex appears male-typical.  In this sense, homosexual transsexuals might be especially well suited to prostitution."“

"It would be a mistake to think of autogynephilic transsexualism as the sexual type of transsexualism, and homosexual transsexualism as the type that is solely a disorder of gender identity.  Homosexual transsexuals are in their own way just as sexually motivated as autogynephiles.”

"Autogynephilia is so bizarre to most people and differs so much from ordinary experience that it cannot be understood simply.”

 Like Zucker, Bailey encourages violence against the trans population -- to keep the numbers as low as possible:

“Imagine that we could create a world in which very feminine boys were not persecuted by other children and their parents allowed them to play however they wanted.  Do we really think that boys with GID would have the same low rate of transsexual outcome that they do in our crueler, less tolerant world?  As much as I would like to arrange such a world, I think that it might well come with the cost of more transsexual adults.”

Bailey's book describes how he learned all about transsexuality from frequent visits to The Baton Show Lounge, a popular gay club in Chicago.  Some of his friends at the club were hired to perform sex acts for Bailey's university classes in sexology (the explicit displays ultimately led to censure by the University in 2011).  In payment for their services, the fervent young Doctor provided letters of permission for transitioning.  Half of his "study subjects" had done sex work -- their sexcapades and convoluted relationships were used to enliven the book and to illustrate its key concepts.

Ray M Blanchard, Expert in Self-love and Perversion
Dr Blanchard was born in 1945 and has spent his professional career studying "sexual perversions" like pedophilia, transsexuality and homosexuality.  Much of his research has been based on phallometry:   Electrodes are attached to a test subject’s genitals to detect any response to pornographic movies and photographs.  Supposedly, the electrodes tell the Real Truth about the subject’s sexual interests, even when the individual himself doesn’t feel any arousal.

Currently he works at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto.  He serves as a consultant to the Canadian penal system on matters of pedophilia & chemical castration.  

Dr Blanchard’s claim to fame is the
Autogynephilia Myth.  Supposedly, a transsexual wants to fall in love with a woman, but all women reject him.  In desperation, the transsexual dresses as a woman and falls in love with himself.  And takes himself out on dates.  And has sexual intercourse with himself.

As a reward for astonishing creativity, the doctor was put in charge of the committee that wrote the section on Transsexuality in the DSM.  ...Which explains a lot about the content.

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 The Myth-makers

In the psychiatric universe, a “repressed homosexual” is someone who’s Really a Homosexual but they refuse to face the “truth” about themselves.  That inner conflict leads to an obsession over the subject.  It’s all they can think about.  They see homosexuality in everyone around them.  In order to prove that they’re NOT homosexuals, they become leaders in the war against homosexuals.

During the early Christine Jorgensen years (1950’s & 1960’s), worldwide healthcare eagerly accepted & supported the trans patients who suddenly emerged in large numbers.  …Until the 1970’s, when Paul McHugh declared war on the gender community.  Since then, he’s been assisted in his campaigns by Ray Blanchard, Kenneth Zucker, and Michael Bailey – the Furious Four.  45 years ago may seem to be old history, but the four created the conditions that transsexuals live under today.  They invented “Gender Identity Disorder” and put it into the
DSM.  They assigned psychiatrists to be gatekeepers to keep tight controls over dangerous “hyper-effeminate homosexuals”.  They halted trans access to medical care. 

After 45 years, one might wish that the poison instilled by the Furious Four might fade away as the myth-makers age from the stage.  But the fire of their hate has been kept burning by the next generation of “experts” and advocates –
people who know better, but who refuse to act.  Transsexuality is still in the DSM, parents are still told their children are deviant, and psychiatrists are still gatekeepers.  Medical access has been improving recently -- but it's access to psychopathology and medical regimens that were designed to be ineffective

Here's the story of how the myths began:

Paul McHugh, John Hopkins’ Tenacious Homosexual Crusader
Born in 1931, Dr McHugh graduated from Harvard in 1952.  He never married.  He rose quickly in the ranks of psychiatry, culminating with an appointment as chairman of the Johns Hopkins University psychiatry department in 1975. 

Dr McHugh replaced
John Money, who, in 1965, had established one of the nation’s leading transsexual care centers.  Upon arrival, Dr McHugh vowed to close the center down, along with every other trans clinic in the country:

“Quite clearly, then, we psychiatrists should work to discourage those adults who seek surgical sex reassignment.  When Hopkins announced that it would stop doing these procedures in adults with sexual dysphoria, many other hospitals followed suit, but some medical centers still carry out this surgery.   I am disappointed but not surprised by this, given that some surgeons and medical centers can be persuaded to carry out almost any kind of surgery when pressed by patients with sexual deviations.”

"We at Hopkins hold that official psychiatry has good evidence to argue against this kind of treatment and should begin to close down the practice everywhere.”

Before The Destroyer began his crusade, there were more than 40 major trans treatment centers – almost all affiliated with prominent universities.  By 1990, there were only 3, and universities wanted nothing to do with them.

A devoted Catholic, Dr McHugh became a non-voting member of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (the governing body of American Catholicism) during the same period.  He played a major role in formulating the then-prevalent Catholic policy regarding pedophilia by priests and in defending the priests who had been accused of abuse.   (He offered psychiatric evidence that the victim's stories were imaginary.)

His zeal caught the attention of the Vatican, which prormoted him to serve as the Pope’s medical adviser.  In that role, he wrote the Catholic policy that denounced transsexuality and intersexuality in 2000.  (The Policy references the psychiatric literature instead of religious sources.  In fact, it actually quotes from the DSM – duly translated into Latin!)

In 1982, President Bush appointed the Gay Inquisitor to the President's Council on Bioethics and to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences.  In that position, he was able to halt all research on “transgenderism”, lest data appear that might undermine his campaign of destruction.  His Congressional testimony led to the exclusion of trans treatment under Medicare (1989) and through the VA system (1993).  Meanwhile, he arranged for the publication of anti-trans propaganda by the National Academy Press (Michael Bailey -- see below).

[Note:  In May 2014, Medicaid policy was revised to allow transsexual care .]

Sex-crazed Transsexual Homosexuals
It takes only one dedicated person to change the world.  The Catholic doctor’s anti-trans passion comes from a need to eradicate homosexuality.  But in his mind, transsexuals are the worst kind of homosexual, because they're the most effeminate.  Transsexual women are  Really Men who want to justify having intercourse with other men, so they become women.

Wait a minute!  That won’t work because gays aren’t sexually attracted to women. 

…Ah, but that shows how dangerous the conspiracy actually is:  Transsexuals become women so they can lure heterosexual men into becoming "gay".  (Let's see:  innocent heterosexuals would engage in vaginal intercourse with a woman who is secretly Really a Man.  Does that qualify as “gay”?)

In fact, the myth continues, all transsexuals can be placed into one of two categories:

“One group consisted of conflicted and guilt-ridden homosexual men who saw a sex-change as a way to resolve their conflicts over homosexuality by allowing them to behave sexually as females with men. The other group, mostly older men, consisted of heterosexual (and some bisexual) males who found intense sexual arousal in cross-dressing as females. As they had grown older, they had become eager to add more verisimilitude to their costumes and either sought or had suggested to them a surgical transformation that would include breast implants, penile amputation, and pelvic reconstruction to resemble a woman.”

The intensity with which Dr McHugh rejects transsexuals is remarkable:

"...The post-surgical subjects struck me as caricatures of women. They wore high heels, copious makeup, and flamboyant clothing; they spoke about how they found themselves able to give vent to their natural inclinations for peace, domesticity, and gentleness—but their large hands, prominent Adam’s apples, and thick facial features were incongruous (and would become more so as they aged)...."

This is contempt, not evidence.

It's fascinating that Dr McHugh came to the opposite conclusion regarding
intersexuality.  During the 1970’s & 1980’s, surgeons & psychiatrists had tried to turn intersexual boys into girls.  The doctors always failed.

In this case, medical experts listened to the evidence:  They concluded that gender identity had already been set when the intersexual children were born.  Somehow boys knew they were boys even though they had been given female anatomy, had been reared as a girl, and weren’t aware of the earlier surgery.

McHugh summarized:

”For children with birth defects the most rational approach at this moment is to … postpone any decision about sexual identity until much later.  Settling on what to do about [sexual identity] should await maturation and the child’s appreciation of his or her own identity.

"Then as the young person gains a sense of responsibility for the result, he or she can be helped through any surgical constructions that are desired.”

The similarity between intersexual gender and transsexuals was glaringly obvious to all.  But Chairman McHugh had special insight that transsexuals were a "special case":

“A seemingly similar disquiet can be socially induced in apparently constitutionally normal males, in association with (and presumably prompted by) serious behavioral aberrations, amongst which are conflicted homosexual orientations and the remarkable male deviation now called

Paychiatry’s mind has always been tightly closed.

Kenneth Zucker, the Gender Changer
Born in 1950, Dr Zucker joined CAMH to popularize Dr Blanchard’s myths.   They even look like twins.  The two worked together in writing the Transsexual Section of the DSM.  But it was Zucker who brought mental illness into the
WPATH governing bodies.  Almost every section of the WPATH Trans Treatment Guidelines draws inspiration from Zucker’s expertise:   That is, torturing trans children to force them to change genders ("Reparative Therapy"). 

First, this is how he describes his patients:

“Zucker found several predictors of adolescent GID: lower IQ, lower social class, immigrant status, non-intact family, and childhood behavior problems unrelated to gender identity disorder.”  (“Behavior problems” refer to stubborn refusal to stay in the wrong gender in spite of every punishment the parents could inflict.)

Trans people are ignorant bumpkins because....

“A feminine boy from a middle-class or upper middle-class family has more motivation to 'hang in there' until he normalizes his gender role behavior, because he has a good chance at a conventionally successful future.”

The Zucker view of human nature has led him to incorporate a form of reconditioning or reprogramming:   Trans girls are indoctrinated with You’re Really a Boy!  They're strictly forbidden to have contact with anything stereotypically feminine.   No skirts, no dolls, nothing pink.  Only guns, football and pizza.   Harassment & bullying at school are encouraged, to show the child how intolerable life is without complete genital obedience,.

“Zucker thinks that an important goal of treatment is to help the children accept their birth sex and to avoid becoming transsexual.”

“Zucker believes that most boys who play with girls’ things often enough to earn a diagnosis of GID would become girls if they could.  Failure to intervene increases the chances of transsexualism in adulthood, which Zucker considers a bad outcome.  For one, sex change surgery is major and permanent and can have serious side effects.  Why put boys at risk for this when they can become gay men happy to be men?”

The sad truth is that Zucker's methods have never succeeded in actually turning a girl into a boy.  They HAVE succeeded in instilling anxiety, frustration, anger and depression.

Here are examples of how the mental health community received Bailey's account:

"The first scientifically grounded book about male femininities written for a general audience ... free from the sensationalism they receive in the popular media."

"[Bailey] unapologetically includes potentially controversial topics including the strong preference in the gay male community for masculine sexual partners and against effeminate men, the well-established finding that highly gender atypical boys nearly always become gay men in adulthood (and the shame many adult gay men experience in recalling their own childhood femininity), the frequency of sex trade work among androphilic transsexuals, the difficulties many MtF transsexuals experience in passing as women, and the challenges to the politically correct idea of MtF transsexuals [having gender identity issues.]”

-- Dr James Cantor, Spokesman for the American Psychological Association & Chairman of its GLBT Advisory Group (Division 44 Newsletter, Summer 2003)

              Dr Cantor works at the CAMH pervert correction clinic in Toronto, along with Drs Zucker & Blanchard

Reviews cited by the National Academy of Science included:

"With a mixture of science, humanity, and fine writing, J. Michael Bailey illuminates the mysteries of sexual orientation and identity in the best book yet written on the subject."
                    -- Psychology Professor Steven Pinker, Harvard University

“Refreshingly candid, remarkably free of ideology, this book is destined to become a modern classic in the field."
                    --Psychology Professor David M Buss, University of Texas

The New Gender Paradigm

Sampling bias in trans research has led to the "Homosexual Transsexual" & the "Autogynephilia" myths.

Frank-N-Furter may "identify" as a transsexual, and may be the basis for psychiatric research & theory, but his values & perspectives aren't shared by actual members of the trans community.

The Evil Architect in Warner Brother's Matrix series was modeled after him.

Organized Psychiatry

Any institution has its extremists.  But it's bizarre when large supposedly-scientific organizations choose extremists as their standard-bearers.   At the very least, the Furious Four consider the transgender population as a whole to be abhorrent and disgusting.  They openly advocate harassment & exclusion in order to keep the trans population small and afraid.  Should national public & medical policy be determined by an adventurous professor's exploits with several patrons of a gay bar?

Mainstream society should be long past being shocked when a minority group is accused of "masturbating too much" (the underlying meaning of "autogynephila") or that a group is just a bunch of "ultra-feminine homosexuals".  --  That's the language of grocery-store tabloids.  In today's politically correct climate, demeaning terminology should be a quick way to lose all credibility for an organization.   

So large public organizations usually keep their distance from extremists and their rants.  But apparently mental health organizations can do & say anything they want.   ...Without complaint from the more moderate membership, from trans advocacy groups, from the media, and from the general population.


The most recent edition of the DSM was released by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in 2013.   The APA leadership tasked Drs Zucker & Blanchard with entrenching their extremism for the next decade by writing the sections on transsexuality (So-called "Gender Dysphoria") and crossdressing (So-called "Transvestic Disorder" or "Autogynephilia").

The selection of two blatant transphobes enraged the transgender community, who wrote letters of protest and submitted a petition of disapproval with over 9000 signatures.  The APA simply ignored the outrage.  The extremists have remained in command.  Sexuality and genital disobedience continues to be pathology.  And bigotry has continued as official APA policy.

          ...And official APA policy still determines the fate of the transsexual community.


WPATH is the other large organization that determines the social status & destiny of the trans population.  It claims to be supportive:

"[We] strive to promote a high quality of care for transsexual, transgender, and gender-nonconforming individuals internationally."

"[We advocate] developing best practices and supportive policies worldwide that promote health, research, education, respect, dignity, and equality for transgender, transsexual, and gender-variant people in all cultural settings."

Separate from the APA, WPATH could renounce portrayals of the trans population as ignorant and well-suited for poverty, prostitution & shoplifting.   It could reject the mental illness mythology and establish medical coding through ICD-10 instead of through the DSM.  It could enact policies that reject harassment & coercion as methods of enforcing gender.  And it could condemn Dr Zucker's Reparative Therapy.

        ...Condemn, as in stop promoting it.

It's true that pages 16 & 36  of the WPATH Treatment Standard state that Dr Zucker's attempts to change gender identity don't work and are unethical.

Except it's even more true that the Standards draw heavily on Zucker's perspective & experiences (29 references).  The following are WPATH examples of the Zucker approach to gender coercion in children:

1.  TRANSSEXUAL CURE:  In contrast to the denial on p 16, p 8 says that psychotherapy can "often" cure transsexuality.

2.  PROHIBIT TRANSITIONING:  Pages 16-17 enumerate various reasons for parents not to "allow" their transsexual child to transition.  The primary reason given is that supposedly the vast majority of transsexual children stop wanting to transition as they mature -- pure Zuckerism.  If one of those children had been allowed to transition, changing back would be "highly distressing" (p 17).  In fact, adolescents can't enter puberty unless they surrender first (p 13-14). 

The psychiatrist's role is to support the parents in crushing a youth's desire for transitioning.  It's definitely not the psychiatrist's role to convince the parents that their child has valid transsexual needs.

3.  PROMOTING HARASSMENT:  WPATH's Standards repeatedly warn about the consequences of transitioning -- exclusion from family & friends; social hostility & harassment; unemployment; etc.  In fact, a high probability of subsequent exclusion & harassment is said to be a valid reason for the psychiatrist to refuse permission to transition (see p. 19).   ...Which, of course, is precisely the intent of all that social hostility.

Harassment results from the conflict between a transsexual's need for accurate gender expression, and society's need to  enforce genital compliance.  The essence of the "mental illness" myth is that the transsexual's needs aren't valid; they're a sickness.  Society's hostility is the only reality.  ...So society wins the conflict (see p 4, "minority stress").  Psychiatry's perceived job is to write a transsexual's terms of surrender.

Except the distress experienced by transsexuality itself is quite real (see HERE).   It's not imaginary, it's not a sickness, it's not "minority stress", and it's not a "sexual perversion" satisfied by sex work.  In the real world, transsexuals transition even if it means living a life of poverty, exclusion and harassment.  What parents or psychiatrists "allow" or "forbid" is irrelevant; it only adds to the pain of reality. 

Zucker and the rest of the Furious Four are wrong.  WPATH will continue to be wrong until it discards Reversion Therapy and accepts the reality of transsexuality.  When will that happen?