The New Gender Paradigm

My viewpoint:  A list of the problems we face

I made a list of the major challenges the transsexual community currently faces.  Can you think of more?  Which challenges should be given top priority?

If you had a magic wand, what would your "best possible world" look like?

     ...No transsexuals or happy transsexuals?

This is the place for ideas and guest input.  Comments are welcome!

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So much time & energy has been invested in debating over terminology and who's a Real Transsexual, plans for the future have been overlooked.  Consider:

     --  What is the current status of the transgender community?

     --  Is that status getting better or is it getting worse?

     --  What are the major issues that should be addressed?

     --  What changes are needed?

     --  What areas need improvement?

     --  What should be the ultimate goals, both personally and for the community?

     --  How can we reach those goals?


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