The New Gender Paradigm


Strictly speaking, "transgender" includes androgynous people, crossdressers and transsexuals.  Sometimes it even includes drag queens, female impersonators, and intersexuals.  All these categories have little in common and have completely different needs and issues. 

In practice, often "transgender" only applies to transsexuals, but not to the other groups.  Or it may only apply to androgynous people, not the others. 

So sometimes all "transgender people" transition and take hormones.  But at other times, "transgender people" never transition.


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"The term 'gender' is understood by the Holy See as grounded in biological sexual identity, male or female.  Furthermore, the Platform for Action itself clearly uses the term "both genders".  The Holy See thus excludes dubious interpretations based on world views which assert that sexual identity can be adapted indefinitely to suit new and different purposes."
        -- Vatican policy statement, 4th UN Conference on Women

"It [has not] been established that transsexuality is an 'immutable characteristic determined solely by the accident of birth' like race or national origin."
          -- Attorney JoAnna McNamara denying transsexual civil rights by citing Holloway v Arthur Anderson & Co (1977)

"The larger goal  [of the transgender agenda] is to radically deconstruct the traditional and biological understanding of 'gender' and 'sex' and normalize the notion that gender is somehow 'fluid' and changeable."
         -- Caleb Price, Focus on the Family

What does the word "
Gender" mean?   You'd think authorities and gender experts could at least agree on that.  But no:

-- The Pope has proclaimed that Gender is the same as Sexual Biology:   Man and woman; Penis and vagina.  There's nothing more; nothing in between.   Anyone who mentions the word "transgender" or "intersex" is a sinner bent on destroying the fundamental fabric of the universe.

--  Psychiatrists agree with the Pope.  Except "non-conformers" aren't sinners, they're mentally ill.

--  Feminists protest that Gender is the same as Androgyny.  It's people who think they're a "Man" or a "Woman" who are mentally ill.  ...Or maybe they're just obsolete.

--  Meanwhile, psychologists maintain that Gender is limited to Gender Expression.  That allows them to theorize that "Gender is a Social Construct" -- that is, Gender is merely an inconvenient illusion.

--  So there may be two Genders (The Gender Binary) or there may be none.  The laws in Australia & India have established that there is a Third Gender.  

Who's gender confused?  How can we hope to resolve social problems like misogyny, gender violence, gender & gender identity discrimination, etc, if we can't even agree whether women really exist?  Notice that the above groups have a certain world view, and they define Gender so that it supports their world view.  (But whatever that Gender is, it's definitely NOT "fluid" or "changeable".)

Logically, a better approach is to observe how the world really is.  Like it or not, Females are different from Males.   intersexuals do exist.   And Transsexuals exist too -- some as young as 18 months old.  When infant boys are secretly surgically altered and reared as girls, they ALWAYS are aware that they're Really MaleGender must be defined so that it takes into account these irrefutable facts.


 Does It Really Matter?

Words, words, words.  Why does it matter which words we use?

          ...Are people who transition called Transgender or Transsexual?

          ...Females, Males, Androgynous, Transsexuals:  Is it Gender, Sex or Sexual Orientation?

          ...Or is it:  Gender, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Gender Assignment or I Identify As....

          ...Is it Interssex, Disorders of Sexual Development, Hermaphrodite or Ambiguous Genitilia?

          What's wrong with saying:  Transgendered or Transgenderism?

          Do the words transsexual or homosexual appear in the Bible?

I've seen so-called advocacy groups storm angrily out of violence prevention negotiations, because they thought the word Transgender had been misused.

Legislatures exclude transsexuals from restrooms & locker rooms, because they think all gays are naturally promiscuous.

The Vatican excludes all intersexuals, because they're supposedly neither male nor female.

Words have power.  People can't understand something if they have no words for it; and they fear what they don't understand.  Word misuse can redirect centuries of bigotry onto a new minority.

Gender Basics Portal

Trans Dictionary

All about gender words.  Used & abused constantly.  The result is universal confusion -- fertile ground for discrimination & harassment. 

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Don't Say That!

          If you read this, you'll turn into a transgender.

WRONG!  Transgender is an adjective, not a noun.  It must always have a noun to go with it:  transgender person, transgender student, transgender theory, transgender agenda, etc.

However, an expert in English grammar would tell you that transgender actually IS an adjective in that first sentence, with an implied noun (an invisible "-- person").  In fact, transgender has an implied noun in both the "-- theory" and the "-- agenda" phrases.  ...After all, a theory can't actually be transgender -- only living beings can be.

Except, gender activists are NOT grammar experts, and they become enraged whenever "transgender" appears without a noun immediately following.  ...Whether or not the adjective "transgender" actually modifies that noun.     A word to the wise.

Ironically, "transsexual" is also an adjective.  But gender activists don't care if Jones Bakery fired a transsexual, whereas they'd be livid if Jones Bakery fired a transgender.


It's common to see sentences like, Maria has been transgendered since age 10 or Transgendered people should avoid North Carolina. 

WRONG!   You can't transgender anyone.  -- Just like you can't female or male anyone.   In fact, gender has been permanently determined by week 8 of fetal gestation.  It can't be changed by any means after that.  Not even in North Carolina.


An -ism is a system of belief, like Catholicism, Budhism, or Communism.   Presumably, people who use this term are claiming that being transgender isn't part of someone's innate being, but it's a belief acquired later in life.  As if there were transgenderist missionaries who knock on doors, hoping to convert & redeem the genderless.  So there must also be WPATH missionaries, spreading apostacy within transgenderist congregations.

No wonder there's so much gender confusion!

"Homosexual Transsexuals"

Read this carefully:  Gays don't fall in love with or have intercourse with females. But if a Gay hates being Gay, he'll become a Transsexual Woman, so he can have intercourse with Gays  without feeling guilty.  Even though the Gays he has intercourse with don't have intercourse with women.

It's the kind of fable only a psychiatrist could come up with.  However, every public meeting that discusses transsexuality will have someone testify that transsexuals must be excluded from society because of their "rampant promiscuity".   Furthermore, they cruise locker rooms and restrooms, so they can have intercourse with everything that moves.

It's the kind of testimony that passes discriminatory laws.