The New Gender Paradigm

Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays (PFLAG)

Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)

Lamda Foundation (Canada)

Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN)

The Gay & Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA)

Trevor Project

National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE)

Trans Youth Equality Foundation (TYEF)

NOTE:  The Trevor Project is a nationwide crisis and suicide hotline that fulfills a specific critical need for the LGBTI community.  The comments that follow don't apply to this important service.

The organizations listed above are the big national and international organizations that claim to speak for the entire LGBTI community.  They educate and negotiate with government officials at all levels.  They foster close connections with the media.  They have teams of lawyers who protect and defend the community against hate.  They organize marches and demonstrations to arouse public support against discrimination. 

When motivated, these groups have impressive power & influence:   In 2004, 69% of Americans opposed same-sex marriage.  After twelve years of fervent campaigning, the numbers reversed.  61% of Americans favored same-sex marriage, while 37% opposed it.

In stark contrast to the growing acceptance of gays & lesbians, just during the past year, popular support for protecting
transgender students from harassment & violence has decreased from 71% in 2015, to 56% in 2016.

Over the past decade, each successive year has achieved a new record in murdered transgender people.

Of course, there are other trans-related myths in circulation:  The "experts" at WPATH claim that transsexuality is a mental disorder.  Others have decided that all "non-conformers" (including transsexuals) constitute a third gender categoryNo one supports a theory that presents transsexuals as normal human beings.

So why should a mentally ill man be allowed to wear a dress to work or school?   Advocacy groups explain to legislators and other social leaders that even rebellious deviants have a basic right to live their delusions.

Showing that gays & lesbians were just like anyone else gained popular support for same-sex marriage.   Why would a portrayal of transgender people as abnormal earn anything other than disgust?        

The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE)

At least the word "transgender" is in the title.  The most active organization trying to improve life for transsexals.  Their primary focus has been to guide the Obama administration in making trans-friendly executive orders.  

Great work!  ...Until extremists get access to the presidency.

Changing public opinion is a massively difficult task.  Obama's executive orders may have been easy picking, but ultimately useless without public support.  Same-sex marriage may have been decided in the courts, but reliance on that strategy is risky.  In the current political climate, potty laws and protections for religious hate are likely to become the social norm.

So what does NCTE do to promote public acceptance?  The good news is that NCTE has moved away from using terms like "non-conforming".  likely to case of  tells legislators that everyone has a fundamental right to choose whatever gender they want to be.  That message is NOT very convincing.  No wonder that trans inclusion in the non-discrimination act (ENDA) is rejected year after year. 

          Transsexuals will never be accepted in society as long as being transgender is believed to be a choice.

...But at least they include the word "transgender" in their name. 

"Advocacy Groups"

They promote discrimination & exclusion of transsexuals

Features of a Helpful Advocacy Group

Imagine that someone might want to establish an advocacy group that would actually help transsexuals.  What would its values and  efforts look like?

--  It would proclaim that being transsexual is simply a part of normal human diversity.

--  A transsexual woman is Really a Woman, and a transman is Really a Man.  It's an irreversible aspect of their biology at birth.

--  It would demand medical care designed to promote the best quality of life possible for transsexuals, instead of an obsession with protecting normal people from being mislabeled as trans.

--  It would work to show transsexuals in a positive light; as intelligent and productive human beings -- not as victims, freaks or self-mutilators.

--  It would unify the transsexual community by being inclusive instead of being exclusive.

--  It would work to instill pride, self-confidence and hope in all transsexuals.

--  It would loudly and earnestly address at least some of the problems that transsexuals face every day.

Lesbian & gay advocacy groups have been able to convince almost half of the American population that

transgender youth deserve no mercy or acceptance .

That's a 15% increase in public hostility in just one year.

Contradiction and confusion are inevitable whenever someone writes  superficially about an unfamiliar and distasteful subject.

Education requires taking an informed stand on certain basic principles, not by simply regurgitating hearsay and popular opinion. 

Advocacy requires leadership, not timid acceptance of the status quo.

The general public will never believe that gender is a choice.

In particular, mainstream society will never accept that "claiming a different gender" is a basic human right.

The Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) focuses on education & schools:

"At GLSEN, we want every student, in every school, to be valued and treated with respect, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.  We believe that all students deserve a safe and affirming school environment where they can learn and grow."

Their forte is placing a Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA) in every school in the world.  These clubs offer gays & lesbians a safe space at school, led by a supportive teacher who acts as their guide, their protector, and their advocate to the school administration. 

Notice that GSA doesn't include transsexuals.  GLSEN has noticed it too, so they publish handbooks on: "Make Your GSA Transgender & Gender Noncomforming Inclusive," and, "GSA Actions to Expand Awareness of Transgender Issues."  The recommendations include gender choice, unisex restrooms, and asking a trans woman whether she wants to be regarded as a woman or a man?

The guides don't even mention the words "crossdress" or "transition".  The cure for harassment is the simple addition of "Gender Identity" to the school's "We don't allow..." policy. 

GLSEN never wonders why virtually all school districts refuse to hire transsexual teachers, especially in the elementary grades K-6.

Specific Examples

A brief overview of some big nationwide LGBt organizations.  Consider: 

   -- Does their message foster self-acceptance, pride and self-confidence in transsexual individuals? 

   -- Are their efforts likely to reduce social hostility and improve the status of the transsexual community?

However, there's gold that can be found in any resource, even if it has flaws.

Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays (PFLAG)

"PFLAG prides itself on being the first national organization to ensure that all of our policies are transgender inclusive. If you or your family member is transgender or gender nonconforming, you have a home at PFLAG."

PFLAG is a large, powerful nation-wide organization with local groups in virtually every city.  Those local groups differ widely in trans acceptance and support -- but that's where the action is.  For example, when North Carolina passed a mandatory lgbT discrimination law, National PFLAG issued a one-paragraph statement that the "Potty Law" was a political ploy.  Their solution is to enforce  the executive orders that were put in place during the Obama Administration.  PFLAG takes no stand on core principles.  They have no specific goals nor a roadmap to achieve them.

Their solution for discrimination, restricted healthcare access and violence fits the pattern:  A non-specific call for federal intervention.  When incidents do occur, they recommend lodging a complaint through the Federal Office for Civil Rights -- under policies established by President Obama's executive orders.

       "One Voice Can Change the World"    -- PFLAG    ...But changing the world isn't what PFLAG has in mind.

EDUCATION:  The PFLAG national website itself offers little in gender education, trans goals or model policies.  However, two pamphlets are offered: Our Trans Loved Ones  and Guide to Being a Trans Ally.

Like other LGB advocacy sites, National PFLAG promotes the unadulterated version of current gender theory -- with all its contradictions and confusion:  Gender is a social construct, but refusing to conform is a mental disorderWPATH can do nothing wrong, even though the organization is dedicated to eliminating transsexuality.  Crossdressers don't exist.  Transitioning is an arbitrary whim, not a necessity.  If you meet someone with long hair and wearing make-up & a dress, you're supposed to ask them which pronoun to use?

Whenever transsexuality is discovered, parents are supposed to write to all friends & relatives and tell them "what is going on" -- including new names, proper pronouns, and "what to expect" when they visit.

The section on adolescence describes all the important changes that take place during puberty, then recommends denying puberty in case of transsexuals.  ...Although breast binding is okay too.

Although parents are repeatedly urged to support their child in authentic expression of their true inner self, apparently it's okay for WPATH doctors to make that expression impossible.

Here are some illustrative quotes:
"Gender is a label created by people."       

"People should have the right to define their own gender—and allies should be the ones to accept and respect that identification." 

"WPATH promotes the highest standards of health care."

"[Psychiatrists] ensure humane care and effective treatment for all people with mental disorders [including transsexuals.]"

"All transgender children are gender expansive, [while] not all gender-expansive children are transgender."

"There is a great amount of pride to be taken in the act of supporting a loved one through a journey that is not universally understood by others."

In fact, all supposedly trans-related public "education" is designed to promote ivory tower gender theory,

not to improve the status of the average transsexual.

Why the Dismal News?

Public opinion of gays & lesbians has been steadily improving at the same time as opinion of transsexuals has plummeted.  Why?   ...One clue can be found in the advocacy groups' names -- gays & lesbians are definitely in the spotlight, while only two groups mention the word "transgender" in their title.  More important, a visit to any of these groups' meetings will confirm that words containing "trans" are seldom uttered.  

The groups are aware of the problem.  Most publish pamphlets about How to Make Transgender People Welcome in Your Group.  But even these pamphlets advance issues important to LGB's, not transsexuals.  For example, they explain gender-neutral pronouns and recommend single-stall unisex restrooms.   instead of gender appropriate restrooms.  I have yet to see a pamphlet that mentions "transitioning".



But the real concern is ideology.  All advocacy organizations -- even the "transgender focused" groups -- operate according to the Gender is a Social Construct myth.  That is, any person can claim any gender simply by uttering the words, I identify as....  No supporting evidence is needed.  A "claimed identity" can change from day to day ("gender fluidity").

The Gay & Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA)

A section of the American Medical Association dedicated to improving medical care for gays & lesbians.  (Whose primary medical concern is access.) 

In contrast, transsexuals depend on medical care for their survival.  GLMA could provide oversight of the American Psychiatric Academy (APA).  They could counterbalance WPATH extremism.  (Offer a "second opinion".)  They could foster quality medical research -- studying the major medical questions using defined study groups with control group comparisons.

No, better to play it safe.  Don't take on the big guys.  Doctors don't take sides.  Don't rock the boat.

Apparently the APA's branding of transsexuality as a mental disease is just fine.  No need to promote use of ICDM medical codes.

Psychiatrists get the transsexuality diagnosis wrong 93% of the time?          Good Enough! There's no need for improvement.

WPATH throws transsexuals under the bus to save hypothetical regretters?          Go for it.

Does preventing transsexual teens from going through puberty -- on the slim hope they'll "conform" -- justify the substantial medical harm?        No need to even study the issue.

Principals making medical decisions about transsexual participation in athletic programs?      Is that a problem?

Reversion programs for gays?       Absolutely unacceptable!  That must stop immediately!   Use every available resource!