4 March  2014; Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Back in 2002, Christopher Hambrook served 4 years in jail for sexually assaulting a 5-year old girl and raping a woman -- there was no mention of being transgender at the time.  During his term, prison psychiatrists reported that he was obsessed with bizarre sexual fantasies that he shared with anyone who would listen.    After release, he apparently worked several years as a male stripper and "escort" in Quebec.   ...Until 2012, when he applied for admission into a Toronto women's shelter.  He claimed to be a pre-op transgender person named "Jessica" and lied that he was taking hormones -- even though he had short hair, was wearing male clothes and no make-up.

A few days later, he sexually assaulted one of the other residents at the shelter -- for which he was evicted from the shelter.

So he moved to a different women's shelter, where he sexually assaulted yet another resident.  This time he was arrested.  Psychiatrists found absolutely no evidence of being transgender.  Finally labeled as an incorrigible sex offender, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. 

That same year (2012), the Ontario Legislature had enacted an anti-discrimination law that protected transgender people and gave them access to the appropriate restrooms and other facilities.   As usual, transphobes predicted that a tidal wave of potty rapes by female imposters would inevitably follow.  Hambrook has been their poster child ever since.

Notice that...

Christopher Hambrook wasn't transgender, although he claimed to be.  One glance at him could've shown that claim to be ridiculous, but the shelter staff swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.   Besides, didn't the Potty Myth force them to blindly admit every male sexual predator who applied?

They didn't even do a background check or consult the Sex Offender Registry.  (The registry had been established in 2011.)

The first shelter didn't even warn others that a rapist pretending to be trans was on the loose.  After all, no laws had been broken.  Right?

What Really Happened

The fact is, these two sexual assaults occurred due to bureaucratic incompetence.   Rape and sexual assault were against the law, with or without trans non-discrimination policies.  The shelter staff had an obligation to protect shelter residents by screening now applicants.

The shelter staff also had an obligation to be able to tell the difference between a rapist and a legitimate transgender person.   In reality, the differences are quite obvious, in both appearance and behavior.   The problem is, both transphobes and trans advocacy groups maintain that there ARE no differences:

    Of course, the transphobic Potty Myth warns that non-discrimination laws will inevitably fill women's restrooms with male perverts.

   Medical authorities teach that transsexuality is a mental disorder and a sexual perversion ("autogynephilia").  Only psychiatrists can detect a trans person, and even they are wrong 97% of the time.

   And advocacy groups proclaim that "gender is an imaginary social construct", that "gender is fluid", and anyone can choose & change their "gender identity" on a whim.

.   - in addition to the general population -- had no idea how to tell the difference between a man and a transgender woman.  The only information they had came directly from the transphobic propaganda mill:  Ie, the fiction that non-discrimination laws force people to blindly invite male rapists into women's private spaces.

Sexual predators are only too happy to accept that invitation.

And transphobes use the resulting sexual assaults to advance their political goals.

What the newspapers have been saying....

The New Gender Paradigm

17 May  2016; Naugatuck, Connecticut.   22-year old Aimee Toms was shopping at the local Walmart when nature called.  ...Only to be accosted by a self-deputized member of the gender police:

           ‘You're disgusting!  You don't belong here!"   [Insert demeaning language and gestures]

In reality, Aimee wasn't transgender at all -- although she did have short hair.  (She donates her hair to a cancer charity.)   No action was taken.

28 April 2016, Baylor Medical Center, Frisco Texas.  Jessica Rush hurried into the women's restroom to take care of business.   Looking behind her, she realized she was being followed by a tall heavy-set man:  "Are you a boy? The man asked threateningly.  "You're dressed like a man, so I need to make sure my grandmother is safe." 

No action was taken by the store management or by the local police.

Notice that...

The Potty Myth has inspired widespread panic throughout the general population:  supposedly, trans "perverts" infest every restroom, ready to attack.  In response, transphobic men feel duty-bound to patrol women's restrooms so they can eliminate any woman who might not be feminine enough.

          Do you still believe that Potty Laws make women's restrooms safer?

8 February  2016; Seattle Washington.  A man walks into the women's locker room at Evans Pool and begins to undress in the crowded room.   The pool staff orders him to leave.  The man replies,  "the law has changed and I have a right to be here."    -- He doesn't even claim to be transgender.  

No action is taken.  The same man even comes back later that afternoon to watch young girls change clothes for swimming lessons.  Again, no action is taken.

When the Parks & Recreation Department is asked to comment, they offered a completely irrelevant & misleading explanation:

"We have guidelines that allow transgender individuals to use restrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity.  We want everyone to feel comfortable in our facilities."

               -- David Takami, Seattle Parks spokesman

In December 2015, Washington State's Human Rights Commission ruled that transgender individuals were allowed access to restrooms and locker rooms that matched their gender identity.  Across the state, transphobic commentators immediately complained that the ruling allowed men to enter women's dressing rooms -- ie, The Potty Myth.  Immediately after the aquatic transphobe's stunt, the Washington legislature called for a repeal of the trans non-discrimination ruling -- which failed by only one vote.

Notice that...

The man wasn't transgender, nor did he ever claim to be.  Washington's trans-affirming policy did NOT apply to him.  Legally and morally he should've been arrested and put on the sex offender list for the rest of his life.  Why wasn't he?

He wasn't because this was a staged event designed to deny trans access to public facilities.  The voyeur was a transphobe intent on causing a sensation.  No action was taken against the predator to demonstrate that the new rule "allowed men into women's locker rooms" -- a misstatement invented by the transsphobic community. 

...And the ruse came within one vote of being successful.  Since then it has been used by the media nationwide to promote the spread of anti-trans legislation.

What Really Happened

This stunt violated the privacy and modesty of the women & young girls who were in that locker room.  But it was a fraud staged by transphobes to advance their own political goals.   Transphobes, not transgender people, were the threat.  The Restroom Debate has become an excuse for assaults on women, with a quick transfer of blame onto the trans community.   And the transphobes continue to get away with it.

The Toronto Rapist


A phobia is an unreasonable fear.  In this case, transphobes panic at the terrible things that might happen if a trans person enters a restroom -- even though there's absolutely no evidence of valid adverse consequences.

News from the Potty

The Seattle Voyeur

During the past few years, mainstream society has learned to be shocked by the possible presence of a trans person in a restroom.   Supposedly, a trans person in a nearby stall is an invasion of privacy and an attack on modesty modesty.   Even worse, trans people in a restroom will supposedly set off an epidemic of rape and perversion. 

To avert a total breakdown in civilization, legislatures across the country are passing laws that send trans people to jail for going potty.  For more information about the Great Restroom Debate and the resultant legislation, go HERE.

This page features news reports of what's actually taking place in the world's restrooms:

Enforcing the Law

Widening the Search

19 May  2016; Washington DC.  Ebony Belcher (shown above) was shopping at the local Giant Supermarket when she suddenly needed to visit the restroom.   Francine Jones, a security guard, followed her inside, grabbed her by the arm, and demanded that she get out -- embellished with a colorful commentary on gender theory:

          ‘I’m tired of you guys keep coming in here, using the women’s bathroom.  I know you’re a man, you he-she!"

The guard spun her captive around, wrenched her arm behind her back, and pushed her out onto the street.  

Ebony called the police, who arrested the security guard on charges of assault with a hate crime enhancement.

The District of Columbia has had a law protecting trans access to restrooms since 2006.  There have been no incidents reported under the law (either denial of access or restroom assaults) until the present time.

Notice that...

Ebony Belcher looks female and is female.  She's not remotely a threat to other women in a restroom.   However, the Restroom Debate itself has increased the risk of assault for both the trans and the non-trans populations.