The New Gender Paradigm

The Treatment Protocols

Transsexuals depend on access to quality medical care for their survival.  Most other treatment protocols are designed to prevent transitioning.  Even if treatment is allowed, those guides use obsolete medications from the 1960's in ineffective doses.

The New Paradigm Treatment Protocols affirm and support transsexuals using the best medications available today.

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The Book

The New Gender Paradigm is a 3-volume reference to all things transsexual:  the biologic cause, gender development, it's impact on youth, marriage, families, & seniors.

          What is gender?

          What makes a woman a woman and a man a man?

          Sexual biology & intersexuality

          The impact of gender on sexual orientation

​          Transsexuality through the ages and in various cultures

​          The development & demise of psychologic theory

          Transphobia and its cure 

Transsexuality's place in today's society results from a vast mythology created and promoted by social leaders and medical "experts".  Things won't get better without first destroying the myth.

The book is available through Amazon Kindle.  It's an ebook to make it affordable.  Kindle readers can be downloaded onto almost any electronic device.

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The Media Guide

To a great extent, cultural and social values are established by the media.  Too often writers & reporters rely on biased sources for their information about transsexuality.  The New Paradigm Media Guide offers practical advice about how to treat the gender community with dignity & respect. 

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Model School Policies

          published by GLSEN

Here's a sample School Policy offered by The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN).  It's generally well-written and provides useful legal references.  However, it's weak in:

DEFINITIONS:  It uses the tired, old "non-conforming" definitions.

ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION:  It offers a blanket statement that ignores the medical realities of testosterone exposure.

TRANSITIONING:  Rudimentary at best (1/2 page).  For example, it doesn't address informing other students about the transformation.

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