The New Gender Paradigm

These perspectives and fears would be pathetic -- almost humorous -- if they weren't inspired by doctors, religious leaders, and advocacy groups.

She certainly looks like a girl.  But they think she's Really a Boy.

How do they know she's "transgender"?

Why does a 6-year old inspire such intense irrational fear?

Public comments regarding an 8-year old trans girl:

"It's not weird for a normal heterosexual person to find someone denying their own biology for the sake of their 'feelings' abnormal.  It's an emotional or psychological disorder, and not normal or acceptable at all.  This is a type of psychological disorder that shows an emotional imbalance and trouble in accepting reality."

"If they want to engage in weird sex because it turns them on, that's something they should keep private and to themselves, because most normal people find it revolting,"

"We live in a fallen world that is devolving, and that is why our biology and our emotional perception can get screwed up, and sometimes we can have unnatural sexual desires.  So, do psychological issues or genetic defects give us a license to sin?  Absolutely not!"

"No pain was intended, but sometimes the truth hurts."

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How School SHOULD Be

A transsexual girl is just like any other girl.  She's not a "special situation," nor is she any kind of threat.  She's not  mentally ill, non-conforming, or a sexual pervert.  She's not embarrassing to be around.  That being true, she should go to school just like any other girl.  

There's no need for advance warnings or special explanations.  Contact with her doesn't make someone need psychiatric care.   Both she and the other students were born with a certain gender.   It can't be changed, even if there's a transsexual near by.

This 6-year old would like to attend a public school.

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Grim Statistics

85.1% of trans children endure harassment at school.

63% of the time, the teacher started the harassment.

22.1% have been physically injured at school.

89% of schools take no action when harassment is reported.

60.8% don't feel safe at school.

47% miss at least one day per month in order to avoid physical assault

                        Statistics from a 2008 survey by GLSEN

School Fears

The usual response when a school learns that a trans youth might enroll is to immediately warn all parents that a serious threat to student welfare & safety has been forced upon them by the "evil liberal agenda." (Of course, the actual words the school uses are more subtle.  Parents protesting before the school board aren't so nice.)

The specific fears include:     (Click on the title to get a more detailed discussion.)

Potty Terror  Only within the past two years has general society realized that a cute 6-year old girl relieving herself in a locked stall instantly violates the privacy of every other locked stalls' occupants.  Not only that, she will probably sexually assault anyone she can catch.


Gender Confusion They claim that the sweet little girl with long hair and wearing a dress is Really a Boy.  But  supposedly SHE's the one who's confused about her gender.  ...Because everyone knows you can't change genders.  However, her presence in the classroom will turn the boys into girls.

Kindness Hurts, while Harassment Helps  Supposedly, any offer of kindness or humanity will "encourage" the child.  If the 6-year old's life is made as miserable as possible, she may stop being herself and become what We know is Normal.

Gay Peril  Not only is the little girl Really a Boy, but she's also Really Gay.  Popular mythology says that gays have sex  with everything that moves.  So the 6-year old must do that, also.  In addition, gays are thought to have an "agenda" to convert every other human to be gay.  So the 6-year old does, too.

Athletic Giant  Supposedly, a trans girl is Really a Boy.  Boys always beat girls in athletic competition.  So she has an unfair advantage.


The following stories illustrate how today's mythology impacts trans people at school:

BRENDA REIMER:  (A casualty of the "Social Construct" Myth)  Born a boy, surgeons gave Bruce Reimer female anatomy at age 18 months -- a medical experiment designed to prove the validity of the psychological theory, Gender is a Social Construct.  His family raised him as a girl (Brenda Reimer).  The switch was carefully kept secret.

But it was painfully obvious that he was all boy at school -- which spawned a tornado of harassment from his teachers & other students.  As he began puberty, he demanded medical transitioning to be a boy (David Reimer) -- only to discover that he had actually been born a boy!      

Destroyed by his experiences,  he ultimately committed suicide.

AN 8-YEAR OLD GIRL:  (A casualty of WPATH's Mental Illness Myth)  She tried to enroll in a public school in a Denver suburb.  At first the school board refused to admit her.  But the advocacy group TransYouth Family Allies (TYFA) negotiated a compromise that allowed her to attend school as long as no student or teacher ever spoke to her, and she never used the restroom.  Pronouns were strictly prohibited.  The school board offered psychological counseling to anyone who came in contact with her.  

Outrage over having a trans girl in public school reached international headlines:

“I see this as being a very difficult situation to explain to my daughter to explain why someone would not want to be the gender they were born with.... I don't think a [2nd] grader does have the rationale to decide this life-altering choice."
  -- “Dave M” a worried parent quoted extensively by the media

"This is something their classmate has chosen to do.  It is not contagious."
    -- Transgender advocate Larry Curry, MSW, Family Therapist,  Aurora, Colorado

“Well, I think the idea that children at age 8 are sexual beings or we want to encourage them to be, you know, sexual beings or making decisions on life altering questions that, frankly, can affect the rest of their lives I think is ludicrous.”

          -- Laura Ingraham, O'Reilly Factor, Fox News 28 Feb 2008

COY MATHIS:  (Another Mental Illness casualty)  Initially enrolled as a girl, Fort Carson School District (another Denver suburb) changed their minds when she reached second grade.  She became Really a Boy.  The family sued successfully under the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Law. 

"[We were concerned about] other students in the building, their parents and the future impact a boy, with male genitals, using a girls' bathroom would have as Coy grew older."

           -- Kelly Dude, Fort Carson School District, 28 December 2013   

AURORA LIPSCOMB:  (Yet another Mental Illness Casualty) A 6-year old girl was placed into foster care by the Ohio Child Protective Services Agency because her Jewish family was allowing her to sin (August, 2000).  The abduction occurred when the school learned the "truth" and reported it as child abuse.  Finally under the guidance of a "good" Christian Fundamentalist family, the child was given intense religious indoctrination & a healthy diet (ie, non-kosher food).  By court order, she underwent conversion therapy at the Psychiatry Service at Cincinnati Children's Medical Center.  Afterward, jubilant psychologists reported to Judge Lias of the Juvenile Court that the young girl had finally been cured of herMental Disorder -- only to be interrupted by the child screaming: 

          "You told me I was a boy and couldn't use my girl's name.  My name is Aurora and I am a girl."

The Judge sternly ordered the 8-year old to be removed from the courtroom.




This is a sample of how other parents respond to the idea.

The Bitter Reality of School

Gender Mythology:  A trans problem exists only because school authorities believe that transsexuality is abnormal and a threat.  Even worse, "advocacy" groups and the youth's parents usually agree with them.  As a result, enrolling in school raises the question of how best to deal with the so-called "danger" to the safety and emotional well-being of the other students.

Outing the Trans Youth:  The act of Outing someone is always a call for harassment & violence.  It designates the target and gives permission for the attack.  ...After all, why else would anyone Out a cute little girl?  Her obvious happy & carefree spirit must be transformed into the visage of a horrible Really-a-Boy sex demon.

Outing can be performed in various ways:  A warning notice sent to all school parents.  A school-wide assembly that "explains the danger" and how parents can "keep their children safe".  Or it may simply focus on only the newcomer's classroom. 

These meetings explain the nature of the "danger".  They offer an opportunity for school officials, teachers, community leaders and medical professionals to deny all responsibility for what is about to happen -- it's the victim's own fault.

Limiting Violence:   The school meeting usually includes information about limits on the harassment & violence.  A simple I expect everyone to be nice to her is a green light for all bullies.  No holds are barred, there are no limits, assailants will face no punishments or discipline. 

At the other extreme, a school that's serious about student safety will provide details that will ensure success:   an itemized list of rules of conduct, the range of disciplinary interventions, assigned enforcers and designated advocates -- along with independent oversight & a comprehensive procedure for processing complaints.


A trans parent's role in all this is to negotiate with the school about how their child will be handled.  The results of that negotiation will determine the rest of the child's life & emotional state.

As you see, there are many options at each step in the process.

If the negotiation involves lawyers, forget it.  The school always wins.  If the school administration is simply uneducated, you have hope.  Advocacy groups like PFLAG may not be helpful.