The New Gender Paradigm

Don't be concerned about trans people being homeless, assaulted or being forced into sex work.  Psychiatry has determined that they're specially adapted for misery:

“Most homosexual transsexuals have also learned how to live on the streets.  At one time or another many of them have resorted to shoplifting or prostitution or both.  This reflects their willingness to forgo conventional routes, especially those that cost extra time or money”

“[A transsexual’s] ability to enjoy emotionally meaningless sex appears male-typical.  In this sense, homosexual transsexuals might be especially well suited to prostitution.”

                -- Prominent Psychologist & National Academy Author,
J Michael Bailey, (2003)

When an interviewer on international TV began asking actress Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black) about her genitals, she responded:

"I do feel there is a preoccupation with [genital surgery].  The preoccupation with transition and surgery objectifies trans people.  And then we don't get to really deal with the real lived experiences.  The reality of trans people's lives is that so often we are targets of violence.  We experience discrimination disproportionately to the rest of the community.  Our unemployment rate is twice the national average; if you are a trans person of color, that rate is four times the national average. The homicide rate is highest among trans women. If we focus on transition, we don't actually get to talk about those things."



Sexual Orientation

A large section of the porn & sex industry features “She-Males,” who are young voluptuous starlets, Photoshopped to have a gigantic phallus.   They're the best of both worlds!

A porn she-male undergoes breast augmentation surgery, takes estrogen to further enhance her female parts, but maintains testosterone to enhance erections.  (Pumping & Viagra help too.)  Hormone dosage must be carefully monitored and balanced to maintain both types of anatomy.

Are they transsexual?        No:  their all-male personality, aggressive behavior patterns and sex drive are clearly apparent.   In contrast, a transsexual woman has a female personality (gender) -- she's a very different person.   A porn she-male is in it for the money -- and for the fame, glamor & lifestyle of stardom.

However, Michael Bailey (cited above) based much of his "transsexuality research" on she-male entertainers he befriended at the Baton Show Lounge, a popular gay club in Chicago.  ...As an adjunct to the research, the stars provided live sex-shows for Bailey's university classes.

The Customers
She-males or "Trannies" make up a large portion of the multi-billion dollar pornography industry -- to feed the hunger of an even larger male clientele.  This eager audience is diverse:  It includes both gays & heterosexuals -- in addition to individuals who specialize in having intercourse only with post-op transsexuals (known as "transfans", "trans junkies", "tranny chasers", or "tranny hawks".) 

Engaging in kinky, taboo, and exotic sex is a common motive.  Almost all have no interest in cultivating a personal relationship; the trans person is merely a sex object.  They enjoy exercising brutal dominance over their sexual playmates, while degrading them.

Trans predators can be found anywhere there are crossdressers or transsexuals, such as at trans conventions or trans support meetings.  They may even be wearing a dress & make-up, pretending to be a fellow crossdresser.  The catch of choice tends to be inexperienced first-timers who are looking for affirmation as women.  As usual, experts don't consider the predators to be the guilty party:

"[The existence of] tranny chasers suggests that crossdressers are not all as straight as they claim to be. Chasers are willing to give crossdressed men the kind of attention they desire, and that attention (a drink, a compliment) validates the crossdresser's experience, and completes the fantasy of feeling like a woman."

          -- Helen Boyd, My husband Betty: Love, Sex, and Life with a Crossdresser, Seal Press (2003) p. 248

Sex Workers

She-males are Real Men who undergo transformation to qualify for their chosen profession.  Unfortunately, most trans sex workers are social outcasts with no other option for survival.  Surveys show that about 11% of the transgender community have been involuntary sex workers at some point of their lives.  (As many as 44% of trans people of color -- compared to 1% in the general population.)

2% of the trans community is homeless, which is twice the prevalence in the general population.  55% of them engage in sex work.  

Body modification is a particular concern in this group:  A large "rack" on top attracts more customers who are willing to pay better, whereas genital surgery decreases marketability.  In view of
WPATH's roadblock approach to treatment, the only affordable way to get those curves is through black market injections of industrial silicone, peanut butter or even motor oil -- treatments that have catastrophic health consequences, including death.

Like any other group of sex workers, there are trans people who do sex work even when there are other choices – they explain that they enjoy the action and the camaraderie:

“A Brazilian study also reported that transgender workers had substantial satisfaction in their sexual relations with clients; moreover, prostitution was the only sphere of life that fostered positive self-images for these individuals.  Prostitution gave them a ‘sense of personal worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem.’ They sold sex not only for the money but also for emotional and sexual fulfillment.”

                 -- Literature Review, R Weitzer (2005)

These reports certainly show interpretive bias:  Is sex work really an “accepted norm” within the trans community, or is it an “acknowledged necessity”?  If sex work is the only way a trans person can find companionship, it's primarily due to mainstream society's policy of exclusion.

HIV Status

This is what the government's Center for Disease Control (CDC) says about the HIV prevalence in transsexuals:

      "Studies reveal high HIV prevalence rates among transgender women in the United States."

    "Individual behaviors alone do not account for the disparate HIV diagnoses among transgender people."   [It must be magic that takes place mid-way through the surgery!]

       Researchers are to classify transsexuals according to their genital anatomy at birth.

Based on these criteria and others, the CDC reports an HIV prevalence of 22 - 28% in the ill-defined "transgender" population.  (56% in the African-American Trans population.)  However, the studies that showed these high rates involved primarily sex workers.  (For example, one such study was done by the Haight Ashbury Clinic in San Francisco.)  The few studies of the general trans population suggest an HIV prevalence of about 2.9% (compared to 0.6% in the non-trans population.

Nevertheless, any HIV is unacceptable, especially since it results from social policy & legislation:  Legalized job discrimination leading to unemployment & poverty; sponsored school harassment that forces trans students to drop out; and religiously encouraged family outcasts that end up living on the streets.

Instead of instituting social reform, many agencies use high HIV rates to justify social exclusion and denial of healthcare.

When a post-op transsexual woman marries a man,

are they a gay couple or a heterosexual couple?

Beware of Autogynephilia

The Gender Portal

It happens all the time; even at formal occasions:  As soon as people learn that someone is transsexual, a bunch of total strangers will gather around with countless questions:  How are your genitals?  Have you had The Surgery?  Do you have a vagina?  Have you used it yet?  Do you have orgasms? 

In a similar manner, whenever the
media report an event involving a transsexual, the next sentence provides all the juicy details about "Born a man", "Identifies as a woman",  when the person "made the change", and maybe even their current hormonal & surgical status.  Wet dreams are far more exciting than more mundane information, like "Graduated from Harvard" or "Purple Heart for two deployments to Iraq".

...There seems to be a universal belief that transsexuality is all about genitals and intercourse:  Whom do you have sex with -- Men or women?  Do your partners know you’re "Really a Man"?  How do the partners react when they find out the "truth"?

“[Transsexuals] spent an unusual amount of time thinking and talking about sex and their sexual experiences; their sexual hungers and adventures seemed to preoccupy them.”
             -- Eminent Psychiatrist
Paul McHugh (2004)

Oh really, Dr McHugh?  It's the transsexuals who are obsessed with genitals and sexual perversions?

It's true that whenever trans people tell their “stories”, they focus on pre-op misery, the decision to transition & all the blood that splashed onto the operating room floor.  End of story.  Nothing about Harvard or Iraq.   Nothing about giving meaning to life or moral principles.

No wonder the audience is left with the impression that transsexuals aren’t human; they’re freaks with mutilated genitals.  Trans people have made themselves fascinating the way formaldehyde jars containing deformed babies are "fascinating".

This morbid obsession has serious consequences:  Transsexuals endure discrimination, harassment and exclusion because "mutilated freaks" don't deserve civil rights and equal protection under the law.  The unemployment and violence won't stop until transsexuals are recognized as human beings, not as an exotic form of pornography.

Psychiatric Fixations

Ever since Freud, sex & genitals have been the basis of psychiatry.  It's no wonder that Transsexuality provides fertile ground for their active imaginations.  At first, transsexual females were nothing more than gay men "Repressed Homophobic Homosexuals":  

A gay man wants to have sex with another man.  But if he does, he'll be a sinner, since all gays are sinners.  So the gay man becomes a woman, so he can have sex with other men without sinning.              [Does it matter that gay men don't have intercourse with women?]  

But in 1973, the APA voted that gays are Normal.  No problem:  "Homosexual Transsexuals" replaced Gays in the next DSM.

But for some psych "experts", insanity didn't come close to how much they despised transsexuals.  During the 1990's, criminal sexologist Ray Blanchard refined the "Homosexual" myth.  His careful examination of sex workers led him to surmise that transsexuality was comprised of TWO distinct types of sexual deviance:

 (1)  Homosexual Transsexuals:   They're homosexual from birth, but most of them give up the "sex change" nonsense -- they end up as "Normal Gays".  However, a tiny handful persist until adulthood, when they're finally allowed to transition.  Early transitioning allows most of them to pass well.   Passing well leads to school success, job opportunities, financial security and happy marriages with a minimum of harassment.  ...They're the Real Transsexuals, with full membership in WPATH.

On the other hand, some gay trans youth, while waiting for WPATH approval, endure such intense harassment that they drop out of school, can't afford surgery, don't pass well, can't find a job, and end up as a sex worker.  That's supposedly the "pervert" group, the subjects of most of the research that's been done.

(2)   Autogynephilic Transsexuals:  According to the myth, these are red-blooded he-men who "enjoy male privilege" while expressing their supercharged male sex drive -- with some sexual deviance on the side (particularly BDSM).  At some point, their lust is so great that having a woman doesn't satisfy.  So they put on a dress and pretend to be a woman.  ...And then they fall passionately in love with themselves.   (NOTE:  Other people would call these people, crossdressers).

Some are so obsessed with being a woman, that they demand to "change their sex".  Transitioning so late in life means that they don't pass very well. Psychologists describe them as:  ugly, boorish and clumsy; loud in their narcissism.  It's the perfect image to rouse a crowd to violence:  Do you want this man in the school shower with your young daughter?  The psychic experts have decided that post-op autogynephils suffer from "transvestic fetishism."

Transvestic fetishism is classified as a criminal sexual perversion (a "paraphilia").  Other paraphilia include:  pedophilia, exhibitionism, voyeurism, frotteurism (rubbing against someone without their consent), etc.  Supposedly, someone with one paraphilia is more likely to have others -- sure proof that transsexuals are sexual predators.

Ray Blanchard calls "autogynephilia" an “erotic target location error.” -- Everybody knows that a penis is supposed to target a vagina.  When it doesn't, it's "deviant".  Like masturbation.  ...Which is exactly the same behavior, except that "autoeroticism" is done by normal people, so it's okay. 

(Actually, masturbation & prostitution were mental disorders just a few years ago, in DSM-IV.  In 2013, all masturbators were declared "curedH" -- in DSM-5).

Here are some psychic quotes:
“[Transsexuals] who love men become women to attract them.  Those who love women become the women they love.”

“Blanchard’s theory is, therefore, one that sees erotic desire as a central component of male-to-female transsexualism and indeed an impetus to sex reassignment.”

“One cannot understand transsexualism without studying transsexuals’ sexuality.  Transsexuals lead remarkable sex lives.”
              -- As reported by the Psychologist J Michael Bailey (MWWBQ -- 2003)
Who thinks up this stuff?  And these supposed “professionals” apply it even to young children.  For example, in one of the I Am Jazz interviews [ABC Network], the network’s child psychiatrist adviser asks 6-year old Jazz, who is busy playing with toys: 
“What do you think about your penis?  Would you like to have it removed?”

Concentrating on her toy, Jazz doesn't answer.

So the therapist repeats the question over and over, until she gets a distracted "Uh-huh".

Should we laugh or cry when the pillars of institutional psychiatry determine that an 18-month old trans toddler is Really a Sex-Crazed Homosexual

Transsexuality is about innate gender & wrong-gender expression

It does NOT involve sexual orientation

Why can't people grasp these two basic principles?

 Sexual Orientation?

Is there truly a link between transsexuality and sexual orientation?     ...There is, if you want them to be linked.  The answer depends on how an observer classifies the individuals involved.

On one hand, is a transsexual woman Really a Man or is she Really a Woman?   All of the "experts" quoted thus far say that she's Really a Man, based solely on the presence of a penis at birth.  Why disregard the individual's personality traits, interests, perspectives, needs, brain structure and brain function?  What if a trans woman is who she says she is?

On the other hand, what does it mean to be "gay"?    "Experts" and social leaders can assign a sexual orientation based on any of the following factors:

(1)  ACTUAL PRACTICE:  Men who have sex with men (MSM).  That usually means a biologic male who is having intercourse with another biologic male.    ...Would that be current biology, or biology at birth? 

         (Most research uses biology at birth.  Thus a biologic male penetrating a trans woman's vagina is regarded as "homosexual" or MSM.)  

How often?  How recently?   ...Is a middle-aged man considered to be gay, if he had intercourse with another male one time when he was 18?

About 10-20% of post-op transsexuals don't have intercourse with anyone, for a variety of reasons -- such as surgical complications or social exclusion.  Are they to be classified as "gay" or "heterosexual"?  (Researchers may not include an "asexual" category.)

(2)  AROUSAL:  What or whom does a person find sexually arousing?      ...Big breasts?  Wide hips?  A large phallus?  A beard or hairy chest? 

How do fetishes factor in?  ...For example, do stiletto heels count as arousal to females or as a criminal perversion?

Theoretically, sexual arousal can be measured using a Phallometer (AKA the Penile Plethysmograph -- and there's one for women, too.)   ...Electrodes are attached to a test subject’s genitals.  Genital changes are monitored while the test subject views various categories of pornography.   ...If a man has a genital response to viewing a naked man,  that test subject must be gay.  If he has a response to a picture of a naked young girl, he's definitely a pedophile.  

(In America & Canada, Phallometer results aren't supposed to be used as evidence in trials,  but they are commonly used to determine whether a sex offender can be released from prison.)

About 20% of men show no response on the genital meter (reactions can be intentionally suppressed.)    Some test subjects deny feeling aroused, even though the meter might be pegged in the red.  Or the phallometer may not support the researcher's expectations.  In those cases, the test subject is often labeled “repressed” and the meter's reading is considered accurate.  After all, people commonly lie about their sexual interests & desires.

Phallometry tends to indicate that most heterosexual males respond to both male AND female bare anatomy.   Gays are different, because they don’t respond to biologic females.   About two-thirds of all biologic males show arousal on the meter while wearing some article of female clothing.

(3)  RELATIONSHIPS:  A third factor in determining sexual orientation considers an individual's intimate relationships.  Many "gay men" are married and have fathered children.  Studies have found that two-thirds of lesbians fall in love with men at some point of their lives. 

Some "experts" use this data to support the idea of "sexual fluidity", meaning that sexual orientation changes over time -- good news for fundamentalist .  But then, it may mean that sometimes individuals act on their arousal, and sometimes on their relationships.

Or maybe it shows how silly the concept of "sexual orientation" actually is.  Human sexuality has so many variables that it defies categorization into two or a few narrowly defined categories.  ...Especially when such categorization determines the ability to marry, have a family, assault & being excluded from society, or even being hung from a gallows.

At the very least, research must take all of these factors into account before they make claims about myths like "homosexual transsexuals" and "autogynephilia."

           ...Which factors did God have in mind when He wrote Leviticus 20:13?

(4)  OTHER:  There are countless motivations for sexual intercourse.  It may be an expression of someone's core sexual orientation, but it may not be:

     --  ASSERTION of POWER:  Sexual assault.  Dominance, intimidation, humiliation.  "Arm candy".

     --  SOCIAL COMPLIANCE:  A gay man marrying a woman to keep the gender police away.

     --  FANTASY:  Screaming "John" at the point of orgasm, when you're having sex with Susie.

     --  CONVENIENCE:  Sailors on a Man-of-War having sex while dreaming of the women waiting for him at the next port.

IDENTITY:  With all these variables, maybe it's best to leave the decision to the individual -- that is, let them choose how they "identify".  "Declared sexual orientation" will inevitably lead to wide variation within any given orientation category.  Not a very useful approach for research purposes.