The New Gender Paradigm

It starts with

a blank slate.

Transsexuals don't fit well into the Gender Construct myth.  Many trans children announce that a gender mistake has been made when they're only 18 - 24 months old -- too young for indoctrination to have taken place.  Trans children are resolute in their demands for Right Gender Expression as either a girl or a boy.   No 24-month old has ever announced, I'm Gender Queer, I'm Androgynous, or I'm Gender Fluid. 

Trans children are a disaster for Gender Monotony.  If there's only one gender, how embarrassing for an 18-month old to insist that she's a girl and NOT a boy?  Basically, there are two possible responses:  (1)  Ignore the existence of transsexuals by using an alternative term, like "Transgender".  (2)  Rule that transsexuals must be "abnormal" and "mentally ill".  Turn them over to psychiatrists for intensive re-programming.

Gender is NOT a Social Construct

Social Engineers:

Let's Make a Gender


During the 1960's through the 1990's, gender "experts" were so convinced that they could "construct gender", they took newborn boys and surgically transformed them into girls.  ("Female Gender Assignment")  In many cases, the family didn't even know what had been done.  The newborns were subsequently raised as girls.   In EVERY case, the child knew deep inside that he was a boy.  He behaved like any other stereotypical boy.  ...And the families were outraged when they found out what had happened.  Half of the victims demanded surgical reconstruction back to male anatomy -- Even though the surgery is high risk, requires multiple procedures, and provides a poor final outcome.

Check any textbook of sociology, anthropology or psychology and you'll see the statement, "Gender is a Social Construct."   That means there are no real differences between men and women -- if allowed, men & women would have the same skills, interests, values, perspectives, needs, thought processes, etc.  ...Until Society steps in and demands that women like pink, wear dresses, play with dolls, and talk a lot (especially gossip).  And Society dictates that men must be in charge of everything (CEO's, senators, scientists, etc).  They must like blue, wear dirty jeans with holes in them, be obsessed with football while drinking beer & eating pizza, and so on.

Supposedly, all these "gender traits" are completely arbitrary.  Society could have created ten genders instead of two.  Women could have been assigned to drive trucks, love football and start wars.  Men could have been given a dress to wear, a mop to clean the kitchen, and a bar of soap to do the laundry.


Gender Strategy

Gender Mythology #1

"Gender is a Social Construct"

The "Social Construct" myth begins with an empty brain.  Supposedly, all infants -- male and female -- are born without any innate talents, skills or needs; no personality.  All infants are exactly the same.  Supposedly, every newborn is a Blank Slate, waiting for Society to begin imprinting instructions on them, such as:

     1.  You are a boy.

     2.  You love trucks & football.

     3.  You're good at math & science, but lousy at language.

     4.  You're active & aggressive; you like to fight & bully others.

     5.  And so on.

Parents, teachers, religious leaders, doctors, TV stars and classmates immediately begin the task of indoctrinating that hapless child in all aspects of what Society has ordered.  Every good child slurps up the training like a sponge.  Sociologists claim to be able to make ANY infant into a Mozart, an Einstein, an opera diva, a bank robber, or a panhandler.  It can be done regardless of whether the infant happens to have XX-chromosomes or XY-chromosomes; a penis or a vagina.

Bad Training

Social coercion also means that if you give a football instead of a doll to a child with a vagina, he'll grow up to be a boy who expects higher pay for equal work. 

Hmmm.  So there ARE defective youths who don't respond properly to their indoctrination.  Either the child has broken circuits in his brain so that he CAN'T learn, or the parents have been lax in their indoctrination efforts.  Whatever the reason, it's up to WPATH to fix the child and save civilization.

These accounts demonstrate that gender is NOT a social construct:

1.  Gender Identity is a real self-awareness that isn't chosen or gradually discovered.

2.  Young girls have gender-specific personality traits and thought processes that are different from boys'.

3.  Both Gender Identity & Gender (personality) have already been established at birth.  

4.  They're unrelated to genital anatomy or hormones. 

5.  A "Gender Assignment" from even the most talented doctor is meaningless.

6.  Gender Identity and Gender (personality) can't be changed through choice, will-power, punishment, humiliation, psychotherapy, indoctrination, legislation or prayer.

It's astonishing that "Gender is a Social Construct" is still a fundamental principle of psychology and Gender Studies, even after such horrific outcomes that resulted directly from the myth.

Today's gender experts are unanimous in their disapproval of the gender system invented long ago by some caveman. That system, known as the "Gender Binary", put all of humanity into two gender categories ("man" or "woman").  It's obvious that a lot of people don't fit neatly into those two categories.  ...Not a problem, those people are "abnormal" -- otherwise known as "Transgender" or "Third Sex".  So the notorious Binary actually has 3 categories:  "man", "woman" and "abnormal".

If "gender is a Social Construct", one might think that social engineers would've replaced the infamous Binary decades ago.  Most experts vote for a single gender:  Gender Monotony.   That goal is achieved by removing the words "Male / Female" from all business forms and applications.  Men & women must use the same restroom.  MIT & CalTech must admit 50% women to their student body.  The Olympics must combine men's & women's competitions. 

Not only that, all stereotypes must be eliminated.  -- Nowadays, any person can like any color, play with any toy, and wear any clothes.  So all doctors, scientists and brilliant executives on TV are women, while villains, nurses & homemakers are always men.  Progress!

What a minute!  That's not eliminating stereotypes, it's changing them so that women come out on top, instead of men.  Old habits are hard to break.  No wonder the Binary is still alive and well.