The New Gender Paradigm

Why do gender "experts" only develop theories that explain or re-categorize "sexual abnormality"?

What about a theory that considers the entire gender spectrum to be "normal"?

Androgynous People
There is a gender group that could accurately be described as "Third Sex."  Look at the Gender Spectrum Graph above (Go
HERE for a detailed explanation of the graph.)   About one-third of the total population have predominantly male core gender traits (the light blue area on the left) – they’re known as “Men” or “Gender Males”.   Another one-third of the total population have predominantly female core gender traits (the light pink area on the right) – they’re the “Women” or “Gender Females”.  And there’s another third in the middle who have an equal mixture of male & female core gender traits.  They’re neither Man nor Woman; they're Androgynous.

Androgynous people don't like it when someone demands that they choose between being a Man or a Woman (for example, on applications or when entering restrooms.)  They hate the Gender Binary for allowing only those two choices.  Third Sex legislation would give them a third option; a different gender box to check on applications and identification cards.  Non-discrimination laws would force contractors to install a third set of restrooms. 

Third Sex Theory would have been perfect for androgynes -- except someone assigned all those "abnormal" groups to the Other category.   As a result, EVERYONE in the category has become tainted by association.  An androgynous individual claiming to be Third Sex will endure the same discrimination and exclusion intended for transsexuals.  That includes marriage restrictions, disqualifications, loss of civil rights protections, and so on. 

in fact, Australia requires genital surgery before anyone can be recognized as being Third Sex.  In other words, government policy equates Third Sex with transsexuality.  Androgynous people, crossdressers and most intersexuals don't qualify.  (Medical transitioning is usually a bad idea for androgynes.)

Gender "experts" need to develop their theories more completely before they're enacted into law.

Go to Southern Asia to see Third Sex Theory in action.  ...Consider the Hijra of India.  Indian society is based on a caste system.  For example, anyone born into the Brahmin Caste has automatic priority for education, employment, political activity, and in day-to-day life.  On the other end of the spectrum are the "untouchables", people irrevocably destined for poverty, unemployment, and social exclusion.  But the Hijra are even below them on the social scale.

In India, anyone with an imperfection in gender or biologic sex is thrown out onto the street.  The exiles make their way to special communes, where they join a Hijra family for mutual support.  In theory, the family of outcasts supports itself by dancing at weddings and birthday celebrations.  In practice, most of their income comes from begging and sex work.   Extortion also works, since anyone will pay just to make them go away.  

When the British began ruling India in 1858, they were disgusted by the Hijra and outlawed them.  ...Open season for robbery, violence and murder, usually by the police.  In 2014, the Indian Supreme Court ruled that Hijra should be acknowledged under the law as a Third Sex.  Official documents were supposed to be marked, Female, Male, or Other.  As a result, Hijra theoretically gained access to passports, drivers licenses, school registration, voting, hiring quotas and restrooms.  (…Although social change comes slowly in India.  Application for documentation is just as likely to earn a severe beating by officials.)

Similar legal recognition for "abnormal gender" groups has been granted by the governments of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Australia.  Advocacy pioneers are striving to achieve similar designations in countries around the globe.

There may be a handful of people who have benefited from the changes.  The unfortunate reality is, enacting a law doesn’t affect the behavior and prejudices of the general population.  Too often, showing a Third Sex indentification outs the unfortunate individual, ensuring discrimination and exclusion.  And there are dozens of court cases that deny legal protections because existing laws refer only to females & males – not “others”.

Can No-Gender people marry?  Can they adopt?  Can they become priests?  Which restroom do they use?  Which locker room?  Which athletic team can they join?  Which ward in the hospital admits them?  Which wing of the nursing home?  Can they use women’s shelters?

The inevitable answer is None of These, even in progressive countries like Australia.  (Third Sex in Australia is limited to people who have undergone genital surgery.)

Can any good come from codifying abnormality?  Designating someone as "abnormal" (and therefore Third Sex) first establishes Men and Women as a standard for "normality" (that is, they're the First & SecondSexes.)   What makes certain people normal, and others irrevocably abnormal? 

Bigotry always begins with ignorance and mythology.  For example, gender theorists completely misunderstand intersexuality.  The prevailing fairytale describes intersexuals as "hermaphrodites" and people with "ambiguous genitals."   In other words, they're monsters that can be recognized from across the room.  They're obviously not Men or Women; Mother Nature forgot to give them a gender.  ...Binary "experts" demand that they choose one or the other.  But Third Sex "experts" don't want them to choose -- intersexuals are supposed to remain as they are, card-carrying members of the Third Sex.

The truth is, intersexuals aren't monsters -- they look and act just like everybody else.  In fact, about 10% of the general population have biologic differences that could qualify them as "intersexual" -- but they aren't aware of those differences, and it wouldn't matter even if they knew.

The average intersexual looks exactly like the person you see in the mirror every day.  (Have you had your chromosomes checked recently?)

The average intersexual lives a normal life.  They have families & jobs.  They enjoy hobbies.  They worship each week at the local church.  They don't know that they're Really Third Sex.  With luck, they can live out the rest of their life in blissful ignorance. 

...Unless they have an x-ray or blood test.  The Binary doctor enters the room with a frown:  "You may have fathered three children, but you're Really a Woman."   But if Third Sex advocates have their way, the Trinary doctor will say instead, "You're Really a Third Sex."  ...But the outcome will be the same:  loss of family & friends, job, and religious exclusion.


We don't need Gender Monotony, Gender Binary or Gender Trinity.  Gender is a spectrum.  Every point on the spectrum is "normal", even though people on the left side are different from those in the middle or on the right side.

Likewise, there isn't Normal Biology and Abnormal Biology.  Every person on the planet has biologic differences compared to others.  Some may benefit from extra antibiotics from time to time; some may need a boost in insulin production; others may benefit from hormones.  If surgery can improve an individual's quality of life, why not?  But they're ALL still "normal".  They're all how God intended for them to be.  

Within that gender spectrum, a
transsexual woman is Really a Woman.  She has the same interests, perspectives, gifts, insights and challenges as any other woman.  A transman is Really a Man.  He’s just like any other man.  Both groups have an inner voice that demands honest expression.  It's wrong to deny them solace because of someone's pet theory & mythology.

Likewise, a
crossdresser is Really a Man.  He has the same interests, perspectives, gifts, insights and challenges as any other man.  He marries and fathers a family.  He can live a full, prosperous and happy life – if people will just leave him alone.  The last thing he needs is to be sentenced to the No-Gender Zone by a Third Sex zealot.

And the list goes on:  differences that don't matter; gender identities fully aware of being female or male.  No one benefits from being designated as "abnormal" or "other".

Most people think there are two and only two gendersfemale & male.  And there are only two biologiesvagina & penis; XX & XY.  Gender experts call this the “gender binary”.  Except, it’s painfully obvious to all that billions of people don’t fit into these two categories.  Those that don’t fit have come to be known as “gender non-conformers”, because they seem to flagrantly rebel against Mother Nature.  Psychiatrists have concluded that these “non-conformers” must be insane and abnormal

          Hmmm.  Apparently the "binary" actually refers to 3 genders, not 2:  female, male, and abnormal.

Third Sex is an alternative gender theory that officially recognizes three separate genders:  female, male, and Not-Male-Or-Female.  At first glance, the theory doesn’t seem to be all that different from the Binary.  …Except, Binary gender police are dedicated to turning non-conformers into Real Women & Real Men.  In contrast, Third Sex legitimizes the Not-Male-Or-Females.  Third Sex Experts have decided it’s okay for them to be who they are.

Who makes up this Third Sex?  They’re
transsexuals, intersexuals, crossdressers, androgynous people, effeminate gays, people with injured genitals, and anyone else who doesn’t have sexual perfection....  

Wait a minute!  That's exactly the same list of groups accused of being “non-conformers” in Binary Theory!  Why those groups?  They have nothing in common.  ...Some have "abnormal biology", others have "abnormal gender", and many of them wear "abnormal" fashion designs.  But they're ALL social outcasts.

When Third Sex “experts” proclaim that non-conformers are "okay", it doesn’t mean that the groups should be accepted into mainstream society.  What it means is that non-conformers should be satisfied with their lot in life.

Third Sex “experts” disapprove of transsexuals taking hormones and undergoing surgery.  Transsexuals should simply stay "transsexual" and be proud of who they are.  Transsexual distress?  They need to tough it through; it's all in their minds.  Transsexual suicide?  Repeat after me:  "It's okay to be transsexual."

Intersexuals shouldn’t undergo medical or surgical correction.  It’s okay for an intersexual to urinate from her vagina, have a full beard, not go through puberty, grow to be only 3 feet tall, or be unable to have intercourse.  It's all part of being intersexual! 

…And likewise for every other group of abnormal people.

The Third Sex