The New Gender Paradigm

Transsexual Dolls

I’ve collected dolls since I was a little girl.  Barbie™, Disney Princesses™, Tinker Bell…  the list goes on and on.  If I saw a beautiful doll, I had to get it.  With time, dolls became less of a toy and more of a collector’s item (although I still love to dress my dolls in lavish gowns.)  Tonner Dolls is one of America’s leading doll crafters — their dolls are large and life-like.  In 2009 they released a series of 16” dolls known as Sinister Circus™.  Here’s the storyline: "Welcome to a carnival most macabre; introducing a traveling band of oddities in the Sinister Circus™.  Something wicked this way comes as the Overseer opens the show to a host of sideshow headliners, dastardly thrill performers, and ghastly clowns.  Enter the show…if you dare!” The collection brings terror into the toy room:  There’s a psychopathic clown and a dominatrix whip-wielding Mistress of the Ring.  The sideshow attractions include a centaur and other “Oddities” (“half-human, half-animal aberrations”).  Also included is a bearded lady and an androgynous person named, “Sheehee”.  Here are the resumes for the latter two: “The Bearded Lady — She thought joining the circus would bring acceptance; but she now knows she would rather face rejection by the real world rather than acceptance in this." “Sheehee — a confused, tortured soul who constantly speaks rapid fire to his/herself. “Sheehee is constantly torn in two, being two very different people occupying one single body.  At least both personalities are properly attired.  On the right, he wears a cotton blouse with a bowtie and pinstripe cuffed trousers, under a sleek tuxedo jacket.  On the left, she wears a glistening sequined bodice with a chiffon halter neckline and tiered ruffled skirt, mesh armband, and thigh-high stocking.  Contrast faux leather shoes also included.”  The Bearded Lady was supposed to have a production female doll body with a production male head, but she was removed from sale without explanation.  The Sheehee doll was a limited edition of 500 that sold out almost immediately.  They used a 16" female doll body with a flat chest (a so-called “Geisha Bust”). The collection offers a fascinating commentary on current social values.  Sideshow spectacles have been part of public amusement since the 19th century:  People paid to see a five-legged cow, a fetus with one eye, conjoined twins, short people, tall people, thin people and heavy-set people.  They were called “freaks of nature”.  Always included among the circus spectacles was a bearded lady.  It turns out that facial hair is most frequently associated Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), an intersexual condition that affects as much as 1% of certain ethnic groups. Circus sideshows lost favor during the 1950’s & 60’s presumably due to the questionable morality of making a spectacle out of people faced with medical challenges.  Even without a circus, the “monstrosity” perspective remains when discussing intersexuals — even by pediatricians, who should know better.  They’re called “hermaphrodites” and supposedly have “ambiguous genitals”.  Supposedly those genitals transform intersexuals into social exiles—a “third sex”, neither male nor female. As a sidelight, virtually everyone with severe enough CAH to be physically masculinized will have a butch personality.  They wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress.  (Maybe that’s the horror.) Sheehee exemplifies the common view of someone who’s transgender:  both male and female, two spirits in the same body, constantly in conflict, insane & frightening as a result.  Sheehee should be in a circus, not in a school.  Who would hire them as a receptionist or a flight attendant?  Who’d invite them to a party or allow them to remain in a family? In my mind, Sheehee epitomizes everything that needs to be changed before the transgender population will ever be allowed to live in peace, much less be accepted into mainstream society. © Cassandra Branch MD