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This page explains the basic concepts of transsexuality. 

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The Basics Portal

It IS Possible

People may find it hard to believe that a trans child could grow up with a full range of options; to live a fulfilling life without stigma or harassment -- but it actually happens all the time.  ...In intersexuals.

Whenever an intersexual child declares that she's a girl, everyone believes it -- even if she happens to have a fully-formed penis.  She's not told that she has a mental illness.  Her family isn't embarrassed about her.  Schools don't panic when she enrolls.  Classmates aren't warned about her.  Without a moment's hesitation, she's allowed to use the girl's restroom.  Locker rooms willingly adjust to maintain her privacy.

Doctors play an important part in creating this affirming environment.   Somehow they ARE able to determine whether an intersex child is a girl or a boy -- and they do it all the time.  Post-op regret isn't an issue.  There's no need to deny puberty, because intersex children are mature enough to know what they're doing.  Hormones & surgery are given without hesitation -- determined by the best interests of the patient.  There's no need for psychiatric evaluation or letters of permission.  In fact, there are no obstacles at all.  ...And insurance will pay.

Okay, I admit this is how it works in the modern world.  Places like Texas don't believe in the existence of intersexuals (See the experience of Nikki Araguz.)

The intersex experience is crucial for understanding transsexual diagnosis & treatment:

1.  It shows parents & families that transsexuals CAN live happy & fulfilling lives without stigma.  And it lights the way to achieve that goal.

2.  It shows how ridiculous the DSM & WPATH approaches are.

3.  It shows the benefits that would be reaped when WPATH members finally tell Dr Zucker, "No more!"

The Process

Transitioning is a process that takes many years.  It's far more than switching a pair of pants for a skirt.  The following is a brief list of the more important changes that will need to be accomplished -- in the order that usually takes place.  However, every individual has unique circumstances & resources that determine the actual order and timing:

Transsexual Women:

1.  Hair removal from face & body (electrolysis or laser) -- takes 2-3 years

2.  Wearing gender-appropriate clothing, hair styling, make-up, etc. -- begins intermittent,  later full-time.

3.  Adoption of gender-appropriate social roles, restroom use, etc.  (wife, mother, feminist, etc)

4.  Adoption of gender-appropriate name, pronouns, etc.

5.  Voice training to a higher pitch -- takes about a year.

6.  Begin gender-appropriate hormones -- max benefit in 3 years

7.  Correction of legal documentation:  birth certificate, driver’s license, social security, diplomas, etc.

8.  Surgical Correction of genital appearance -- recovery takes about 6 months.

9.  Surgical Correction of other anatomic areas:  chest, face, hips, etc.


1.  Correction of chest appearance is a top priority.

2.  Testosterone is quick and powerful in masculinizing the body.

3.  Genital surgery is often desired, but omitted, due to cost, risk, and poor outcome.  If undertaken, the process takes about 2-3 years.


Remember that the whole process has two basic goals:

(1)  To live and be accepted in society as a member of the correct gender (ie, to PASS.)

(2)  To alleviate wrong-gender distress.

A transsexual is a young girl who has been forced to pretend to be a boy – or, a young boy forced to pretend to be a girl.

Transitioning refers to the process of undoing that pretense; becoming who you really are.


The best time to transition is during early childhood -- between 3 - 6 years of age.  (Strictly speaking, it's not even transitioning.  It's adopting a gender-appropriate role & appearance at the same time that other children are doing the same thing.)  

--  "Transsexuality" doesn't even exist at that point.  The child never had to go through a phase of wrong-gender expression.  No need to even say the word.

--  No wrong-gender expression means the child doesn't experience Type 1 Distress and avoids resultant emotional scarring.

--  There’s no conflict between parent & child over genitals and "Real Gender".

--  No doctors or psychiatrists are involved to announce that the child is "abnormal" and needs to be "cured".

--  The family adjusts quickly to the correct gender, because habits haven't yet been deeply ingrained.

--  Fewer people are aware of the 2 - 3 years of mistaken gender that occurred after birth.

--  Gender development & exploration take place in the right gender, at the right time, unhindered by adults.

--  By the time school starts, the child's gender has been well-established.  She thinks of herself as a girl, just like any other girl.  There's no risk and no need for her to out herself.
--  Early transitioning provides an opportunity to correct the child's name & birth records.  That means school records are accurate from the start.  Old data isn't going to pop up unexpectedly, outing the child.
--  Early right-gender social integration in the classroom minimizes harassment.  (ie, no
Type 2 Distress).

--  No Type 1 and Type 2 Distress means no Type 3 Distress.
--  Brain development occurs throughout childhood, and especially during adolesence.  Early hormone administration allows the brain to develop and mature along the lines of the appropriate gender.

Note that when WPATH forbids childhood transitioning, it's preventing the child from enjoying any of the above benefits.

WPATH justifies their position by claiming to be unable to correctly diagnose transsexuality before the age of 16 years.  Their claim is correct, because they're looking for a mental illness. -- And everyone knows there's no mental illness present.  Psychiatrists are the wrong kind of doctor to treat a condition with a biologic origin.

The appropriate response for any patient with an incompetent doctor is to find someone else who can diagnose and treat their condition.


The New Gender Paradigm

Society's Response

Society's goal is to prevent transsexuals from transitioning -- supposedly to rescue them from "making a bad choice".  Here are some of the details:

1.  Transitioning eliminatesType 1 Distress, but unleashes a tidal wave of Type 2 Distress.

2.  Document correction is usually only allowed after transitioning is complete.  ...If it's allowed at all.

3.  Surgery is expensive:   $40,000 - $100,000 for transsexual women; $100,000 - $250,000 for transmen.  In the past, insurance coverage hasn't been available.  That changed under the Affordable Care Act (2010), the fate of which is now uncertain.

4.  WPATHhas proclaimed itself the gatekeeper.  Medical access is forbidden until the following hurdles have been overcome:

(a)  Psychoanalysis by not one, but TWO, psychiatrists.

(b)  A 1-year "Real Life Experience" -- ie, living full-time as a female without the benefit of hormones, surgery or document corrections.

(c)  The individual must be out to family, friends, employer, co-workers, the school board, teachers & other students. 

(d)  The individual must submit a guarantee of post-op employment.

(d)  Once permission for transitioning has been granted, it must take place in a series of months-long clinical trials going from temporary to permanent --  regardless of what the individual actually wants or needs.

(e)  Since transitioning in early childhood provides the best outcome and avoids Type 2 Distress, WPATH forbids transitioning before age 16 years.

(f)  Before an adolescent can transition, they must survive 6 years without any hormones.  (Puberty Denial)

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         Parenting a Transsexual Child

Sometimes a girl is born with a penis.  When that happens, doctors & parents inspect the genitals and mistakenly declare, "This newborn is a boy!"  And so they set out trying to turn a girl into a boy.  Technically, the term is “wrong-gender expression”, which refers to being forced to adopt an outward appearance that doesn’t match a person’s inner soul  -- That is, a girl being forced to wear pants and like trucks, or a boy being forced to wear a dress and play with dolls.


Whenever any person has to pretend to be someone else, they feel uncomfortable doing it.  It's human nature.  After a while, they become fed up with the pretense and go back to being their real self.  Transsexuals are just the same, except the distress of a girl pretending to be a boy day after day is extreme.  So extreme, even little children may be driven to suicide or self-mutilation.

          Extreme distress drives ALL transsexuals ultimately to transition.   ...Or die trying.


Distress drives a trans person toward transitioning.  Harassment prevents it from happening. 

For some reason, today's society has determined that it doesn't matter whether an individual is female or male.   What matters is that everyone MUST obey their genitals (known as genitalism.)   ...And the gender police are willing to go to any extreme to force a trans girl to pretend to be a boy.  Parents  will physically force a little girl to wear pants; they'll take away her dolls.  They'll punish her when she resists.  The family tells her that she can't participate in family activities because she's an "embarrassment".   At school, teachers and classmates take over the harassment duty:   When a trans girl acts like a girl, she's taunted & ridiculed; she may even be physically assaulted.   She can't even use the school restroom.  Her doctors solemnly declare her insane.  Later on, she won't be able to get a job.  The list goes on and on.

At age 3, a child has no choice but to surrender to her parents' demands -- thus the pretense begins.  But as the youth becomes stronger and more independent, at some point she'll shout, Enough's Enough!  I'm transitioning no matter what society does to me! 

              ...Sometimes a courageous individual will even wait until the children are grown and out of the house, to protect them from the harassment.

     The timing of transitioning is determined by a trans individual's level of distress compared to the amount of harassment they face.  (See HERE)