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Transsexuality can also be defined in technical terms of gender (personality) and biologic sex:  A transsexual woman is a person born with a Female Gender (due to a female brain), but with Male Sexual Biology.  A transsexual man (or Transman) is a person born with a Male Gender (and a structurally male brain), but with Female Sexual Biology.

Theoretically, it would be possible to "cure" the trans mismatch with a brain transplant -- replace the female brain with a male brain (or vice-versa).  Short of that, psychotherapy, punishment, harassment, violence or prayer can't change a brain's basic structure & function.​​

A Transsexual is someone who has been forced to adoptWrong-Gender Expression.

Wrong-Gender Expression always causes personaldistress.


Thus far, the discussion has focused on transsexual women.  Transsexual men (commonly known as "ttransmen") also exist.  The cause is the same:  unexpected activation of brain androgen receptors between 28 - 56 days of fetal gestation.  But the life story is completely different -- because of differences in the social acceptance of butch females, and due to personality differences in the trans youth himself.

      -- Social acceptance of trans boys tends to delay a child's self-exploration until puberty.

      -- Physical changes of puberty trigger a sudden identity crisis, with little time to resolve it.

     -- The male hormone testosterone causes a quick & dramatic change in superficial appearance (beard & body hair growth, muscular enlargement, and a deeper voice).  Early mastectomy is a must.  Transmen usually pass well in mainstream society.

       -- However, surgical construction of male genitals is expensive, difficult, high risk, and has a poor non-functional final outcome.  Most transmen opt out.

Overall, transmen face a difficult choice: 

        -- Life as a butch female offers a certain level of social acceptance and legal protection (ie, lower Type 2 Distress at the price of higher residual Type 1 Distress.)  The lack of a surgical option may add attraction to this path.

      -- Life as a Transman allows almost complete resolution of Type 1 Distress (except for functional genitals), but at a risk of Type 2 Distress.   It's common for a transman to succeed as a male in mainstream society until someone discovers his medical history.  Then he's subject to the same hostility & rejection as transsexual women.

For more details about the stages in Transman evolution, see HERE.

Billy Tipton was born in 1914 and grew up in Kansas City, Missouri.  From early childhood, he was a talented piano and saxophone player; his specialty was jazz.

​After high school, he put together a band that played for dances and clubs throughout the southwest.  His music could be heard on regional radio stations.  He made his first record in 1949. 

By 1970, the Billy Tipton Trio had two albums out.  He rejected a long-term contract in Reno, Nevada.  Instead, he moved to Spokane, Washington to spend most of his time promoting the careers of aspiring musicians.

​He had three sons through a series of common-law marriages.  They loved him as a good father​ who was active with them in Boy Scouts.

When Billy died of a bleeding ulcer in 1989, his family and the paramedics were shocked to find female genitals hidden under his pants.  The media was scandalized, but it was too late for them to ruin his career.

Billy is the perfect example of how trans people can live successful lives, as long as no one knows.  No psychiatrists or gatekeepers needed.  However, he lived in terror of the medical profession and the WPATH protocols.  ...His avoidance of medical care attributed to his early death.


The Usual Story

Transsexuality always begins at birth.  A girl is born.  From birth she knows she's a girl (Gender Identity) and will never change being a girl (Gender).  Testing would show a female brain -- structurally and functionally.  Often, a trans girl's first sentence is, "I'm a girl, mommy." -- at 18 - 24 months of age.

Good parents would listen to their child.  They'd put their baby into the dresses she demands.  She'd be reared as the girl that she really is.  She'd grow up to be a Real Woman, and contribute to the advancement of society.  If she wanted, she'd marry & have a normal family.  She'd live a normal happy and fulfilling life.  

No gender distress, no punishment, no harassment, no psychiatrist gatekeepers.  Actually, she isn't even a transsexual -- she's a normal little girl.

Unfortunately, in today's society parents look at the toddler's genitals and tell her,  "You aren't a girl -- you're a boy."   They rip off the dress that the little girl put on herself and force her, kicking and screaming, into pants.  They pull her, crying, from the doll section of the store and buy her a truck she doesn't want.

What the parents are trying to do is change their little girl's Gender by forcing their child to adopt Wrong-Gender Expression.  Everyone knows you can't change a person's gender by any means.  Their attempts are doomed to failure -- while destroying the relationship with their child in the process.

At some point, ALL transsexuals transition from imposed Wrong-Gender Expression into liberating Right-Gender Expression.   They go from fraud to fulfillment.  (In spite of falling into the full force of society's rage!) 

          ...Or they die trying. 

A Hostile Society

By now, the war has been waged for almost seventy years.  The lines are clearly drawn and firmly entrenched.  Transsexuals have been rigidly encased in terms such as: "homosexual", "mentally disordered", "gender dysphoria",  "non-conforming", "self-identified", and so on.  The medical profession are leaders in the campaign to eradicate transsexuality.

Unfortunately, the transsexual resistance remains in total disarray.  "Transgenders" don't know who they are or where to go.  They use the same misleading & demeaning words to describe themselves, as they surrender one-by-one to the hostile medical profession.  Meanwhile, trans "leaders" weakly plead that even deviants have rights -- not very convincing.

Transsexual life is defined by the ongoing conflict.  During youth, trans people struggle for self-fulfillment, while parents & teachers vainly attempt to change their child's gender.  The result is secrecy and despair.

By adolescence, a trans youth devotes their time & energy sorting through the "transgender" maze, while trying to trick the doctors into allowing them to transition.   

Transitioning provides fulfillment, but it unleashes the full fury of society's disgust.  Trans adulthood is consumed with a struggle for survival in spite of unemployment, authorized discrimination and rejection -- and without any form of social support.  Sex work is a common last resort.  Fortunately, trans people tend to band together into groups that share what little they have.



Who's trying to resolve the conflict?  Who advocates for transsexuals, not "transgenders"?  Who proclaims that transsexuals are part of normal human diversity?  Who fights for unlimited medical access & full transitioning without any attempt to "cure" some imagined "abnormality"?

If salvation miraculously arrived, transsexuals would have a difficult time adjusting to the new reality.  Social hostility created transsexuality -- what will trans people do without the hostility?  The danger is that transsexuals will continue self-imposed exile because that's all they know.

For more details about the stages in trans evolution, see HERE.

Note the key points of the definition:

(1)  Transsexuality is imposed by an uneducated society.

(2)  Transsexuality has nothing to do with changing Gender -- it's all about correcting Gender Expression.

(3) Transsexuality also doesn't involve biology per se.  It involves a society that is uneducated about biology.

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The New Gender Paradigm

Trans History

Trans people have been around since the dawn of time.  Well, not really.  Until the middle of the 20th century, societies around the world were well aware that biology had nothing to do with gender.  The universal approach was to allow individuals to declare their social role during the first few years of childhood -- and that declaration was honored by the rest of society.   ...Trans people were never forced to adopt Wrong-Gender Expression, so they weren't ever really transsexual.

Centuries-old monastic accounts list monks with female names.  Excavated graveyards contain female skeletons buried in the males-only sections, wearing male clothes and surrounded by male-related artifacts.  ...And, of course, they also have male skeletons buried with the other females, holding the implements necessary to continue a female role in the afterlife.

Prior to Christian dominance in the western world, transsexual women served as priestesses in religious rites for women.  (In Rome they served Cybele, in Greece it was Artemis, in the Middle East it was a Astarte, in India it was Bahuchara Mata and Ardhanari.)  There are hints of trans leaders in the early Christian Church.   In fact, the ancient Apostle Peter was interred in a necropolis reserved for transsexual women on the Vatican Hill (part of the Roman Phrygianum.)

All this acceptance came to an end during the 1950's.  Christine Jorgensen's transitioning in 1952 caused a worldwide media sensation.  The press and the public were initially supportive. -- Here's  a sample:

                 Bronx 'Boy' is Now a Girl: Danish Treatments Change Sex of Former Army Clerk
                                           -- New York Times (2 December 1952)

MDs Rule Christine 100% Woman
                                          -- New York Daily News (19 February 1953)

Until the medical profession intervened.  Christine’s doctor, Christian Hamburger, pointed out that Christine couldn't have babies:

             Sex-Change Fraud!   'Christine' Still a Man, Article Says
                                        -- Washington Post (8 April 1953)

Christine's Sex Isn't Changed Doctor Admits
                                         -- Chicago Tribune (9 April 1953)

Christine Jorgensen:  Is She Still a Man?       
                                          -- Modern Romances

For a while, having achieved notoriety, she was Manhattan's No. 1 glamour girl.  A blonde with a fair leg and a fetching smile, she seemed to be everywhere that was anywhere, with everybody who was anybody.  Jorgensen, a onetime G.I. named George, told how he "was in ... affections more like a woman than a man".   Last week came the revelation that Christine Jorgensen was no girl at all, only an altered male.    
Can transvestites* be cured?  In relatively mild cases of transvestitism, involving patients who actually want to be normal, U.S. doctors agree that psychiatric treatment, sometimes accompanied by hormones of the patient's own sex often effect real cures.

 Can a male transvestite possibly lead a relatively happy life as a "woman"?  Absolutely not, say most U.S. psychiatrists.  The castration many of them crave may give them the temporary illusion of womanhood, but it can be nothing more than an illusion, and when it disappears, the disappointment and frustration are likely to make their last state worse than their first.

                                            -- Time Magazine (20 April 1953)

Christine's publicity gave courage to the thousands of other transsexuals who had been hiding in the closet.  They demanded similar medical treatment.  Psychiatrists were aghast and closed ranks to prevent access to medical care.

...And so the war began.

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